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Limitierte Konfitüre von Staud's © Staud's / Foto: Johannes Kittel

Staud's in Vienna

To combine fine pickled vegetables with the thought of emergency rations would prove the delicious variety of Staud’s products completely wrong. Non-believers will be convinced by visiting the Staud’s Pavillion at the Yppenplatz in Vienna.

The same location where Johanna Staud in 1947 sold fresh fruit and vegetables attracts today fine pickled vegetables as well as delicious fruity jams, compote and syrup. Since the early 1970’s the son of Johanna is responsible for the for the exquisite line of products which includes classic items like Cornichons & Co. and presents as well limited editions of food produced from best locations, best grades and best year. Apricot jam from the Venus mountain gardens in the famous Wachau? That sounds just as tempting as it tastes – and this is just one of the many delicious examples of the pure treat of Staud’s.

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The main purpose of the two main domains and is the promotion of Austria as a holiday destination.