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A sign emblazoned with the name “Styria” greets travellers in twenty-five languages. This is a sign of a cosmopolitan spirit that is also found at the Steirischer Herbst festival.

When at the end of the 1950s a group of painters, architects, and photographers wanted to set up an exhibition hall in one of Graz’s old coffeehouses, their plan initially met with disapproval. But in 1960 they finally achieved their goal: the Forum Stadtpark was founded as a platform for art, architecture, visual arts, film, photography, and music.

This, in turn, gave birth to the avant-garde steirischer herbst festival in 1968. The borderless and trans-genre quality of the festival is matched by its nomadic character: it sets up its headquarters at a different location each year. The coffee-house, club, lounge, information desk, academy, casino, and concert hall all act as the main stage of a festival whose programme brings together music, performance, dance, theatre, literature, architecture, new media, and theory.

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The main purpose of the two main domains and is the promotion of Austria as a holiday destination.