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Garten © Gasthaus zur Dankbarkeit/Josef Lentsch

Zur Dankbarkeit

The inn known as “Zur Dankbarkeit” (“The Gratitude”) has been a beloved classic for a long time in the Pannonian restaurant scene. It is a popular meeting place for everyone who loves delicious, down-to-earth food.
Windsurfers on their way home from “work”, Sunday day-trippers, restaurant taste-testers all love this traditional inn to the same, extravagant degree. No wonder, since the Lentsch family sees to it that everyone feels good here, and pretentiousness doesn’t have a chance; a real old-fashioned inn, in other words, yet one with that certain something, a special accent that radiates from the hosts themselves. In the intimate dining rooms, you can enjoy typical Burgenland dishes, using ingredients that the region is bursting with: fish from the lake, beef from the steppes, mangaliza pork from the tundra, geese from the meadows and vegetables from the climate-blessed Seewinkel, e.g. peppers and tomatoes, of breathtaking succulence. Out of that cornucopia, dishes such as sautéed sheatfish in white wine sauce, mangaliza pluck, roast goose and (an abiding favourite) Yiddish chicken livers or fish soup with peppers are born. A suitable wine never presents an obstacle in the competent hands of host (and winemaker) Josef Lentsch himself, since it usually comes from his own vineyards.

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