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Verdi Stopover
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The gourmet restaurant “Verdi”, together with the next-door bistro known as “Verdi-Stopover”, are a culinary couple of acknowledged preeminence reigning over the city of Linz.

 © Erich Lukas
Erich Lukas is without the slightest doubt the greatest chef in the province. Yet you don’t have to order a six-course gourmet menu with champagne and bordeaux wine to be able to eat his creations. Because at the small “Verdi Empire” which he runs with his wife, Helga, even light, quick - and affordable - dishes are on the agenda. It now is considered to be part of elevated city cuisine, of course. Riesling sweetbreads, Tafelspitz boiled beef are right at home here, and the quality of the preparation is evident at every step of the way. At the gourmet restaurant, the level is ratcheted up a few notches further: here the pigeons fly and international noble products from saltwater fish to wild game to French pre-salé lamb can be savoured. The access to the wine treasures, however, remains democratic; there are about 400 varieties, and they are available to one and all.

Verdi Stopover
Pachmayrstrasse 137
4040 Linz
Tel: +43 (0) 70 733005