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Experience the Wine Harvest

The harvesting of the grapes is a crucial step in the winemaking process, and many Austrian vintners encourage guests to get involved. We have compiled a list of some of the best wine experiences per region.

Wine Harvest Burgenland © Österreich Werbung / H.Wiesenhofer

Georgiberg Estate, Styria

For centuries the Georgiberg Estate has been regarded as one of the best kept secrets of the South Styrian wine-growing area. Nestled in the romantic Wielitschbach valley in Berghausen, it is surrounded by gentle vineyard slopes, green forests and peaceful ponds. The soil and warm Illyrian climate offer the best conditions for excellent wines. The estate attaches great importance to a long maturing time, as the development of the flavour has top priority. The grapes are picked solely by hand and no pesticides or herbicides are used. Guests are welcome to join in with the harvest around September time. Simply email to register your interest.

Junker Presentation, Styria

The young Styrian Junker wine is traditionally first served on the Wednesday before St. Martin's Day (11th November). The evening begins with the celebration of the fantastic Junker premières. Vineyards and wine taverns put on local events, adhering to strict guidelines that any young wine served before Presentation Wednesday cannot be a Junker.

Remushof Jagschitz, Burgenland

Experience wine first hand at the Remushof Jagschitz. Look over the shoulder of the cellar master or cultivate a vine in order to press your own wine after a successful grape harvest. Belonging to the Austrian Holidays on the Farm group, the unique landscape of the Ruster Hügelland and the panoramic views of Lake Neusiedl will have you relaxed quicker than you can say "Prost!"

Holidays among the Vines, Burgenland

Enjoy a holiday in the most unique accommodation. A Kellerstöckl cottage is a converted wine cellar in the heart of the idyllic wine country of Southern Burgenland. Open the curtains to the sight of carefully tended vines. Enjoy a relaxing breakfast under the bower and take in the spectacular view over the idyllic vineyards stretching down to the Hungarian Basin. Take a stroll through nature reserves and visit one of the many museums or castles and palaces. Savour the calm and tranquillity a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The ultimate feeling of wellbeing.

Winery Schönhof, Lower Austria

Winery Schönhof is located in Zellerndorf, 6 km south of Retz in the Weinviertel. A family-run business since 1871, this winery is all about getting to know the product. From accommodation in a winemaker's apartment to wine tours and harvest experience packages, you can get involved as much as you like here - with ample tastings to make an informed decision as to which of the tipples is best!