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Anna Aichinger
One of our Terrific Tips

Austrian designer Anna Aichinger prefers to read the political magazine “Spiegel” over the fashion magazine “Vogue”, drawing inspiration for her new collections from politics. She has earned herself a reputation in Paris, London and Hong Kong.

Anna Aichinger Summer 2010 © Anna
The young Anna Aichinger from Vienna studied at the University of Performing Arts and got her degree as best of her class, working with well-known designers like Jean Jacques de Castelbaljac and Raf Simons. Her final design work was an apparel creation named “The Dandy Warlords”, a look which consisted of a mixture of military and nomad elements, inspired by the war in Afghanistan and the second Gulf war.

Her first collection already received recognition from the “Moët Chandon Fashion School”. Further awards followed, as did two highly praised annual fashion collections, sold not only in Vienna, but also in Paris, London and Hong Kong. Aichinger gives the sewing for the protypes of her design collections to women of the “Volkshilfe-Betriebs-Merit” initiative, who have been unemployed for an extended period.