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Naturhotel Chesa Valisa
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Everything is 100% organic at Naturhotel Chesa Valis in Kleinwalsertal, with clean air, a bracing altitude, pristine nature and, if you so desire, a complete pampering programme.

Chesa Valisa Spa © Chesa Valisa


Kleinwalsertal on the map

Austria’s Kleinwalsertal is a high mountain valley tucked so close to the foot of a mountain that it can only be reached via Germany. In fact, until the introduction of the Euro, the Deutschmark was the valid currency here. Once inhabited by the Walsers who originated from Wallis in Switzerland, the Alemannic dialect is still very much alive.

The valley’s well-marked trails and - for holders of an Allgäu Walser Card - free buses make Kleinwalsertal especially popular with hikers and families.  A few years ago, it was here that Klaus and Sieglinde Kessler transformed a 500 year old farmhouse into a hotel - the Naturhotel Chesa Valisa.

Nowadays, modern wooden extensions and contemporary design form a dialogue with the traditional Alpine architecture at the Naturhotel Chesa Valisa. The hotel’s choice of leisure activities complements the relaxed atmosphere: guided hikes and cycling tours, morning exercise classes, Nordic walking lessons and deep snow lessons, plus a wonderful hotel spa.