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One of our Terrific Tips

A small village in Mohndorf / Waldviertel has devoted itself entirely to the poppy plant. The inhabitants of Armschlag have even patented the unique Waldviertel grey poppy seed.

Poppy field in Lower Austria © Österreich Werbung/Schumnik

In July, poppy flowers transform the fields around Armschlag into an undulating carpet of white, lilac and red, and you can enjoy this wonderful natural spectacle on foot or in a horse-drawn carriage. There is much to discover on the fascinating Poppy Trail or in the Poppy Garden, and plenty to savour on the Poppy Seed Strudel Path

The history of the poppy can be traced to the Stone Age. The Waldviertel grey poppy seed was once even traded on the London stock exchange. These days Waldviertel poppy seeds are cultivated on some 200 hectares of land and taste especially good in dumplings, pasta pockets, strudel and noodles - all of which you can try if you visit a poppy seed restaurant.  Specialities such as Waldviertel poppy seed oil, poppy seed chocolate and poppy cosmetics can be bought in the village.