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Hiking the Berliner Höhenweg in Zillertal

Lunch at the Kreuzjochhütte © Zillertal Tourismus, Andre Schönherr From
The Berliner Höhenweg hiking package includes:
  • 7 nights staying in mountain huts along the trail
  • half-board with dinner and breakfast
  • bus vouchers
  • hiking map by KOMPASS

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With its abundance of pistes and superb cable car network, there’s no doubt Zillertal is an outstanding place to ski in winter. But discount this region as a key summer walking destination at your peril. With over 1,000 km of hiking trails and three different altitudes to choose from, the grandly elevated peaks of Zillertal serve as an inspiring destination for your next walking holiday.

If comfort and relaxation is what you’re after, you’ll find more than 30 adventure trails and nature routes awaiting you on the valley floor. Perhaps following the hiking trail from hut to hut is more your cup of tea, treating yourself to heavenly Zillertal specialities in any one of countless rustic cabins perched upon the mountainside. Or if true adventure is more your thing, well-versed Alpinists will enjoy the buzz of tackling the mountains between forest edge and the eternal ice of the glacier.

Talking of trekking from hut to hut, you can’t pay a visit to Zillertal without trying the Berliner Höhenweg (Berlin High Trail), a must-do high Alpine walking tour right through the heart of the extraordinary High Mountain National Park. Named after the Berliner Hütte (the first hut to be listed in Tirol), the seven stage Berliner Höhenweg is a fantastic way to discover the majestic Zillertal Alps up close and personal.

Covering a distance of over 80 km (not to mention an ascent of 6,500 metres), the Berliner Höhenweg can be tackled as you see fit. You can do the whole thing, some of it, or even cover the route in the opposite direction. Whatever you choose, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that each day ends with a very welcome visit to one of the region’s hospitable Alpine huts or inns. There are more than 150 in the Zillertal region alone.

Or why not give the Peter Habeler Route a go? Named in honour of the first man (along with Reinhold Messner) to climb Mount Everest with no artificial oxygen supply, this route covers a total distance of 56 km, with individual hikes divided into walking times of between two and a half and eight hours, across varying levels of difficulty and extremely diverse terrain.

Whichever route you decide upon, one thing’s for certain: in the Zillertal region you will benefit mind, body and soul. The clear mountain air will fill your lungs and give you a health boost the like of which you’ve never known...making your spirit soar to new heights!

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Hiking in Zillertal © Österreich Werbung/Peter Burgstaller
Hiking in Zillertal © Österreich Werbung/Peter Burgstaller
Hiking in Zillertal © Österreich Werbung / Peter Burgstaller
Hiking in Zillertal © Österreich Werbung / Peter Burgstaller
Hiking the Ahorn © Zillertal Tourismus, Andre Schönherr
Hiking the Ahorn © Zillertal Tourismus, Andre Schönherr
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