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The world-famous artist Daniel Spoerri purchased two Baroque style houses in the small wine village of Hadersdorf in Lower Austria and developed them into complete works of art.
Daniel Spoerri, the founder of “Eat Art”, became famous for his “Tableaux Pièges” - securing meal leftovers on table tops. In 2008 the artist purchased some houses in the small wine village of Hadersdorf, Lower Austria. The center of the village consists of magnificent renovated houses of the Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic era - an ensemble well worth seeing.

One of the houses, a former monastery, was converted into an impressive museum by Spoerri, in which he hosts varying exhibitions of his own art work as well as pieces by artists who are close friends. Spoerri also transformed the former movie theater of the village into a restaurant where slow food cook Ibo Altun provides a small menu that changes weekly. Here you will find culinary specialties from artists for sale, such olive oil of the Tuscany area “Giardino” from Spoerri or orange jelly from the Spanish artist Marina Blanca.

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