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Figlmüller is synonymous with Schnitzel in Vienna, making what is probably the best and most famous Schnitzel in the entire city.
Figlmüller, a rather unspectacular-looking place located in an old passageway in the heart of Vienna, is the epicentre of the Schnitzel and proof that a restaurant can become famous with only one dish - providing it is Schnitzel.

The Schnitzel here is made with pork, pounded until very thin, and fried until golden-brown. The result is a beautiful piece of Schnitzel that hangs over the edge of the plate, a feast for the eyes as well as for the palate. Although the other items on the menu are a bit overshadowed by this star, it is nevertheless certainly worth sampling the glazed calf's liver or the excellent boiled rump with chive sauce and browned potatoes.

Right around the corner, Figlmüller Bäckerstrasse utilizes the identical concept with equal success. The third branch called Figls is located in the Grinzing neighbourhood, famed for its wine taverns. But here it is beer that plays the leading role, and the restaurant even serves its own naturally cloudy brew. To accompany the varied and inspired cuisine prepared here - which ranges from fresh Bavarian veal sausage and boiled beef to steak, which in summer is cooked outside over a wood fire - there is also an awe-inspiring selection of Viennese wines on offer.

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