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Heinz Hanner is without a doubt Austria's most avant-garde top chef. And one thing is also certain: nothing can get boring at Restaurant Hanner.
Heinz Hanner doesn't just cook with scallops, lobster and co., but also with flame-throwers, foam-makers and nitrogen at minus 190° C. The magic word here is molecular cuisine. The challenge is to surge ahead to new, higher spheres of eating enjoyment, by applying never-before-tried methods.

How that works is explained by Hanner in his cooking studio, where courses for interested amateurs and professionals are offered. Besides that, even normal food is prepared in his fully-electronic high tech kitchen. But in his case that means stunningly creative gourmet dishes and uncompromising product selection. Only the very, very best comes into the pan, whether Breton lobster, Bresse pigeon or Atlantic clams. Whenever available, the products come from the immediate surroundings, such as the wild game or the fresh water fish, or even herbs from the chef's own garden. From there and from the stylish guest rooms at the Hanner Hotel, visitors can enjoy views of the Vienna Woods all around.

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