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People & Traditions

Austria is a combination of pristine landscapes and bustling cities, historic towns and cutting-edge architecture, love of tradition and thirst for the new. What keeps travelers coming back to Austria is the sense of "Gemuetlichkeit": a lifestyle that celebrates the finer moments in life.

People & Traditions

Schladming Loden © Jörg Steiner Schladming Loden © Jörg Steiner

Winterproof: Schladming Loden

Loden has been the high performance product of the Alpine population for centuries.
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Weinwelt Kamptal © Österreich Werbung/Zajc Weinwelt Kamptal © Österreich Werbung/Zajc

Viticulture in Lower Austria

Wines from Lower Austria, have been prized as a pleasurable cultural heritage and elevated to cult status by committed vintners.
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Bregenzerwälder Tracht © Bregenzerwald Tourismus Bregenzerwälder Tracht © Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Costumes of the Bregenzerwald

The traditional clothing of the women in the Bregenzerwald are based on a deep rooted folk tale.
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Ferlacher Büchsenmacher © Ludwig Borovnik Ferlacher Büchsenmacher © Ludwig Borovnik

Ferlach's Master Gunsmiths

Renowned for their precision, rifles made in Ferlach make the heart of every collector beat faster and are coveted by hunters all worldwide.
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Spanish Riding School in Vienna © Spanische Hofreitschule/Stefan Seelig Spanish Riding School in Vienna © Spanische Hofreitschule/Stefan Seelig

Spanish Riding School

The traditions of this haute école of classic equestrianism have been passed down by word of mouth for more than 400 years.
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Austria's Top Events © Austria's Top Events ©

New Year's in Austria

Start the New Year in style attending the New Year's Ball at the Imperial Palace, or celebrate it on the streets of any town in Austria.
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Nassereither Schellerlauf Tirol © Österreich Werbung /  Wiesenhofer Nassereither Schellerlauf Tirol © Österreich Werbung / Wiesenhofer

“Fasnacht” & the Tirol mask-carvers

In Tirol, the "Fasnacht" processions are such wild celebrations that some events only staged every 3, 4 or even 5 years.
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Bregenzerwaldhaus © Österreich Werbung/Wiesenhofer Bregenzerwaldhaus © Österreich Werbung/Wiesenhofer

The Elegance of Wood

The building traditions of other countries may be fine stones and hand-made tiles - in Vorarlberg, that status is given to wood.
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adventmark-am-rathausplatz--oesterreich-werbung-bartl © Österreich Werbung adventmark-am-rathausplatz--oesterreich-werbung-bartl © Österreich Werbung

Christmas in Austria

Visit christmas markets, try some Gluehwein and enjoy the spirit of Christmas.
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Immaterielles Kulturerbe Österreichs - Der Handblaudruck der Famile Koo © Sonnenland Mittelburgenland Immaterielles Kulturerbe Österreichs - Der Handblaudruck der Famile Koo © Sonnenland Mittelburgenland

Indigo Printing Burgenland

This cherrished artform is only practiced by two printers in Burgenland; where everything is old except the design.
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Pielachtaler Dirndlkirtag © Mostviertel Tourismus Pielachtaler Dirndlkirtag © Mostviertel Tourismus

The essential Dirndl (and Lederhosen) guide

The Dirndl is fun, feminine and flirty. With these attributes, the Dirndl has evolved from its humble origins to a fashion superstar.
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Heiligenkreuz © Niederösterreich-Werbung / Michael Liebert Heiligenkreuz © Niederösterreich-Werbung / Michael Liebert

The Sound of Silence

Heiligenkreuz Abbey, Europe’s largest Cistercian Monastery, lies behind protective walls, less than half an hour’s drive from Vienna.
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Yodelling © Steirisches Volksliedwerk Yodelling © Steirisches Volksliedwerk

Ancient communication: Yodeling

As loud as a scream or as melodious as a song – that’s the yodelers from Styria.
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Traditional block printing at the Auseerland © Eder Traditional block printing at the Auseerland © Eder

Hand block printing from Aussee

Located in the Salzkammergut, with its scenic lakes, meadows and mountains. All this is reflected in the colors of its traditional costume.
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Silent Night Museum Hallein © Silent Night Museum Hallein ©

The “Silent Night” carol

It touches people from all nations and cultures: the famous christmas carol “Silent Night, Holy Night!”
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Goiserer Schuhe © Leo Himsl Goiserer Schuhe © Leo Himsl

Hand crafted Goiserer boots

It began 140 years ago in Bad Goisern (hence the name) with the invention of the first “engineered” mountain boot.
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Almenweg © Tourismusverband Radstadt Almenweg © Tourismusverband Radstadt

High up in the Alps

For just a short while in summer, the Alpine pastures transport animals and people alike in an intoxicating mood, in the best of moods.
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Ostereier © Österreich Werbung/Weinhaeupl W. Ostereier © Österreich Werbung/Weinhaeupl W.

Easter Markets in Austria

Easter in Austria brings out more colors than you could imagine. Visit Easter Markets and experience regional traditions.
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Ball Season in Vienna © Kaffeesiederball Ball Season in Vienna © Kaffeesiederball

Ball season in Vienna

Nowhere are balls so romantically formal as in Vienna. This tradition is intoxicating to locals and visitors for far more than a single night.
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Altaussee Salt Mine © Salzwelten Altaussee Salt Mine © Salzwelten

The Salt of the Earth

Visit one of the oldest salt mines in the world in Hallein near Salzburg: its salt provided livelihood and riches for the entire region.
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kaffee © Österreich Werbung kaffee © Österreich Werbung

Coffeehouse culture

Cafés are an everyday part of city living and in Vienna in particular they are at the heart of city life. 
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