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Country House Kellerwand
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The Austrian dining landscape simply would not be what it is, without ‘Sissy Nationale’. The way she combines the best elements of the Alps and the Adriatic right here in Carinthia is what makes her incomparable and unparalleled.

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Landhaus Kellerwand is a cultivated nest of hospitality plunked down in an idyllic setting and perfect altitude as if by magic, all for purposes of enjoyment and well being. Does that sound like the gimmick of an advertising brochure? True, but it is the pure and simple truth. What is it that makes this place so special? First and foremost, the heartwarming atmosphere which prevails here, thanks to the Sonnleitner family. Then, the lovely rooms, including a small wellness zone with a sauna, from which you can gaze out over the wintery landscapes, just enchanting. And then, of course, the food. Hard to describe, since it is simple, on the one hand, yet exquisite, on the other. The ingredients are hunted down throughout the region by Sissy Sonnleitner and her daughter Stefanie, and along the roads towards the Mediterranean. Out of them, and therein lies the real magic, they create dishes which mirror the utmost of joy-in-living and creativity-of-Carinthia which guests can imagine. Needless to say, it succeeds triumphantly. When you skim the menu containing veal saddle “agrodolce” with poppy seed gnocchi and carrots; or roasted and sautéed venison calf from the Lesach Valley in elderberry juice with walnut gnocchi and green beans, your mouth waters at the very thought of them. But don’t stop there, because the wine cellar is so very well stocked that there are plenty of surprises to round out a long, relaxing evening.

Country House Kellerwand
Mauthen 24
9640 Kötschach-Mauthen
Tel +43 4715 269