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What can you expect to get on a high alpine pasture? Bacon and bread, perhaps? Homemade cheese and a glass of milk? Not far off, in general. But at the Knödl Alm in the lake district of Salzburg, you get far more besides.

 © Knödl-Alm


Pichl-Kainisch on the map

Down home, robust, primeval, that’s the way people love it at the high pasture “huts”. Regular guests, journalists and reporters, celebrities all go for it. No wonder that the best is also on offer here: top food, top schnaps, top folk music everywhere you look. The kitchen is a highly disciplined place: dumplings fresh every single day without exception; Friday specialties such as alpine pasture lamb; Saturday barbecued haunches; Sunday a variety of roasts. A hearty snackboard can always be had, keeping in mind that the goat cheese comes from a certified organic cheesemaking farm, as do all the eggs, herbs, fruit and vegetables. Thus, no one is surprised anymore that the best way to digest your rip-roaring meal is with a schnaps from the, you guessed it, specialties distillery integrated right into the premises. If this awakens your appetite for a regular high-alpine pasture holiday, this is the spot: holiday apartments at the farmhouse and the “forest house” await all guests who love nature.