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Schloss Kapfenstein
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On the castle mountain of Kapfenstein, you can eat, drink and live in ways not possible anywhere else in Styria.

 © Weingut Winkler
It remains the universal trident of enjoyment: good wine, fine food and a comfortable room to rest your weary head. Nonetheless, this particular ensemble at Kapfenstein is unique. First of all, the location: a fairy-tale castle sitting atop volcanic rock with views deep into the countryside, and with historic credentials of having once been a formidable defense fortress. Today, no one needs to raise a defense against the wonders of enjoyment which await the inhabitants. Georg Winkler-Hermaden runs the wine estate with his family on the Schlossberg, truly magnificent wines such as his Traminer or their famous red wine, Olivin. His brother, Martin, cooks in the castle kitchen - utterly unaristocratically, no burbles or fancy extras, but outstanding, down-to-earth dishes you can dig into. If you stay overnight, you live in stylish, individually appointed rooms in the castle and the towers. And just so that it can never get boring at Kapfenstein, the new castle masters ongoingly put on art and music events, wine tastings, and lots more besides.