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Turrini, Peter (born 1944)

“Who are you then?” “I am part of the labor movement, and I have always seen my work as an attempt to oppose the human, material and cultural degradation of the working class … I am a prisoner of my own biography.”

Peter Turrini
For many years the outspoken political and social critic Peter Turrini was one of Austria’s most controversial and uncompromising young dramatists. His main works include Rozznjogd (Rat Hunt), Sauschlachten (Pig Slaughter), Kindsmord (Infanticide), Die Minderleister (1984). Meanwhile the co-author of the legendary TV series "Alpensage" (Alpine Saga, 1976 – 1980) has become a much-noted moral authority.

Despite massive verbal attacks, Turrini never shied away from taking a firm stand. Turrini's extensive work consists of plays, novels, essays, speeches, radio plays, and screenplays (last: The Arrest of Johann Nepomuk Nestroy). His sociocritical statements and proclamations are always very clear and unambiguous – even when expressed as parables.