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Hellbrunn Palace

If you were archbishop of Salzburg in the early 17th century and had too much spare time on your hands, what would you do with it? Build the mother of all water fun-parks, of course. Visit the unique world of Hellbrunn’s trick fountains and Mannerist architecture for an afternoon of amazing family fun.

 © Tourismus Salzburg

Have fun touring the truly unique trick fountains at Salzburg’s Hellbrunn Palace. This lovely example of Mannerist architecture is the only surviving example of the water fun parks that used to be a common status symbol among the Italian aristocracy. Hellbrunn’s first owner famed Archbishop Marcus Sittikus had a faible for delighting his many guests with watery surprises.

Today, Hellbrunn Palace, with its magnificent ballrooms and extensive park, is ideal for a family outing. Navigate the trick fountains without getting soaked, marvel at the magnificent interior of the palace and watch nighttime feedings at the nearby zoo.

Of course, the warmer months are the best time to visit, but if you happen to be in Salzburg in December, Hellbrunn Palace is the venue of a lovely Christmas Market in the palace courtyard. Be enchanted by the sight of the huge Advent calendar, the many picturesque wooden huts, and the sweet fragrance of Christmas pastries. Listen to Christmas songs played by Austrian folk musicians and find out what Austrian “Gemuetlichkeit” means as you linger over a cup of hot mulled wine and take in the festive atmosphere. A fairy tale world made of 350 Christmas trees glitters with 10,000 red ornaments and holiday lights.