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Herberstein Castle

With 700 years of history clearly etched into its facades, this is a place where you can expect to stumble upon secret passageways and uncover stories of the knights and diplomats that called the castle their home.

St. Johann bei Herberstein

St. Johann bei Herberstein on the map

At Herberstein castle, about 45 minutes by car from the town of Graz, there is truly something to see for every taste and every interest. As a history buff, you will be thrilled by the detailed exhibition on aristocratic life in the 18th and 19th century. Adventurers old and young love the option to explore areas of the building that up until recently were closed to the public, including the 13th century tower and keep.

Discover your inner naturalist as you roam the castle’s gardens that were lovingly restored according to a sketch from 1681. Apart from the over 3000 rose bushes on the grounds, there is also a section that showcases the features of historic gardens over the course of various centuries. The castle’s own zoo features interesting species from every continent. The tradition of keeping animals at Herberstein goes back to the 17th century, when deer roamed the castle grounds.

A second look reveals a surprisingly modern side: In keeping with the owner’s interest in art and nature, you’ll also find a museum dedicated to renowned contemporary artist Bruno Gironcoli. It showcases the influence Gironcoli had on the next generation of local artists.