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Hohensalzburg Fortress

Discover the more than 900-year-old Hohensalzburg Fortress, an evidence of Salzburg’s medieval history. Take a ride or walk to the largest, fully preserved fortress in central Europe and enjoy a breathtaking view over the city of Salzburg.

 © pixelio/Carlo Schrodt

Mozartplatz 5, Salzburg

Mozartplatz 5, Salzburg on the map

The fortress Hohensalzburg sits on a rocky plateau  and dominates the skyline of the baroque city of Salzburg.

Dating from 1077 A.D., Salzburg’s fortress was never conquered and serves today as one of the largest fully preserved castle complexes in Europe.

Take a slow walk up or ride the funicular from the Festungsgasse, and pass through the inner „Steintor“ to get the most magnificent view of the fortress. Stroll through the old masonry and take in its rich decoration: Gothic wood-carvings and ornamental paintings decorate the Golden Hall and the Golden Chamber till today. Then take the 30 minutes audio guide tour of the interior to view a dungeon, explore state rooms formerly belonging  to the influential archbishops. With its medieval rooms, romantic courtyard and bastions, the fortress provides a unique scenery for events like the Fortress Concerts, the International Artist Summer Academy, or the World of  Marionettes. Or simply walk along the compound walls and appreciate a most breathtaking view over Salzburg , often way beyond Bavaria.