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Imperial Carriage Museum

Located near Schönbrunn Palace, the Imperial Carriage Museum’s unique collection invites you on a tour through Austria’s history.

 © Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien

You have likely never seen carriages like this. Magnificent and often elaborately ornate, the carriages on display at the “Wagenburg”, the Imperial Carriage Museum, offer glimpses into the eventful lives of rulers such as Empress Maria Theresia, Napoleon, or Emperor Franz Joseph.
The Wagenburg building is home to the vehicle fleet of the former Viennese Court. Following the demise of the monarchy in 1918, around 100 carriages, sleds, sedan chairs and litters along with their associated harnesses, saddles and caparisons remained. Since that time, the collection has been expanded to a total of 170 vehicles.
The highlights of the carriage collection include the gilded “Imperial Carriage,” the golden carousel carriage of Maria Theresia, the child’s phaeton of Napoleon’s son, the black hearse of the Viennese court, the personal landaulet of Empress Elisabeth and the only preserved court automobile of 1914.
The Imperial Carriage Museum is open daily from 9am to 6pm (May-Oct) and 10am to 4pm (Nov-Apr).