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The Mint Museum Hall

Discover the birth place of the modern-day Dollar. In the historic town of Hall in Tirol, the ancient Mint Tower is an impressive reminder of a time when currency was literally as hard as the material it was produced from. Have fun exploring the history of money and mint your own coin as a souvenir.

Hall in Tirol

Hall in Tirol on the map

Did you ever wonder about the origin of the world’s first Dollar? Then step into the world of historic coins and find out about the lives of the master coiners and counterfeiters in Hall. See the world’s first silver dollar, minted in Hall in 1486. Turn into a researcher and discover details on historical coins whilst analyzing them through magnifying glasses. The Mint Tower also houses the city museum of Hall, which features interesting facts and tidbits on medieval life in the Alps.

Take the unique triple-run staircase up the tower itself and step into a Swarovski crystalline fairytale. Once you reach the top of the tower you will be rewarded with a great view of the majestic Inn Valley. Don’t depart from the museum without minting your own Taler - turn the wheels of the heavy mint machine and create your own personal memory.