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Driving Regulations in Austria

Driving in Austria is uncomplicated and offers the greatest flexibility and freedom: you explore at your own pace. Roads are well maintained, whether you select a superhighway or a meandering byway. However there are a few rules you need to be aware of...

An international drivers license is required and can easily be obtained from your local auto club. The major U.S. rental companies are represented in Austria as are a range of European firms. Many credit cards offer free supplemental rental car insurance, which might let you save on optional car insurance. Check with your credit card company.

Mandatory Winter Equipment:
In winter conditions the use of four winter tires or snow chains on at least two tires is now mandatory in Austria between 1 November and 15 April.

Reflective Safety Vest
Drivers are required to carry a Reflective Safety Vest in their car at all times. This new regulation is required by law and is subject to heavy fines. Please check with your car rental company before entering Austria to ensure a Reflective Safety Vest is located in the car.

Toll stickers are required on all vehicles on Austria's motorways and highways!

Stickers can be obtained from the Austrian Automobile Clubs as well as post offices, sundries and gasoline stations. Please note that stickers are also available in Austria's neighboring countries at gasoline stations, at borders as well as Automobile clubs.

The following fees apply:
  • A twelve-months sticker for private cars amd motorhomes weighing up to 3.5 tons is EURO 84.40 and for motorcycles EURO 33.60.
  • A two-months sticker for travel to and through Austria is EURO 25.30 for private cars and motorhomes up to 3.5 t and for motorcycles EURO 12.70.
  • A 10-day sticker for cars and vehicles up to and incl. 3.5t is EURO 8.70 and for motorcycles EURO 5,00.
These stickers must be afixed on the upper middle or left side of the windshield. Motorists who do not purchase the appropriate sticker will be fined EURO 300 (up to EURO 3,000). Cars rented in neighboring countries may or may not be equipped with the sticker. Please ask your car rental agency.

KorridorVignette for the A14 Rheintal/Walgau Motorway in Vorarlberg
Please note that as of July 4, 2013 no Korridor Vignette will be issued any longer. It is however necessary to display the "regular" Vignette on the windshield of your car. 
In order to relieve congestion around the city of Bregenz on the banks of Lake Constance the ‘KorridorVignette’ was introduced on the 23-km long corridor (“Korridor”) on the A14 Rheintal/Walgau motorway in Vorarlberg between the German border and Hohenems (Exit 23, near the Swiss border crossing).

The KorridorVignette applys to all single- and twin-track vehicles (passenger cars, motorhomes and motorcycles) with a maximum gross vehicle weight of up to (and including) 3.5 t until July 3, 2013.
Please note: Drivers who are in possession of a valid annual, 2-month or 10-day toll sticker do not require an additional KorridorVignette!

The KorridorVignette may be purchased at the beginning and the end of the corridor at vending machines which can be operated directly from the vehicle. It will also be available for purchase at a number of authorised agents on roads leading to the corridor (primarily at petrol stations and service areas).

Driving through Austria with a vehicle exeeding 3,5 t?
The toll tariff system based on emission categories will concern all motor vehicles with a maximum permissible gross weight exceeding 3.5t and will apply on all Austrian motorways and expressways.

What to do in case of congestions during an emergency?
Since January 1, 2012 the "Rettungsgasse' is obligatory on any two or multi-lane road in Austria. On two lane roads drive as far right as possible when in the right lane and as far left as possible when in the left lane to ensure emergency vehicles can pass easily. On roads with more then two lanes all vehicles in the far left lane should drive as far left as possible; all other lanes have to drive as far right as possible. in emergencies on highways driver are required to also use the shoulder.

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Please be advised: Toll stickers are required on all vehicles on Austria's motorways and highways!
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