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    Baroque architecture meets art history. The Belvedere Palaces and the Belvedere Museums in Vienna offer mesmerising experiences for architecture, history and art enthusiasts.

    Belvedere: The Palaces

    To call Belvedere "a palace" is technically a misnomer. It consists of two individually constructed buildings that offer fascinating histories and purposes in their own right. Together they form the Belvedere, one of the

    most significant Baroque complexes in the world. The Upper and Lower Belvedere are some of the most iconic sights in Vienna and have faced off in the city's third district for 300 years.

    In the 18th century, the Austrian general Prince Eugene of Savoy commissioned the renowned Baroque architect Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt to build a summer residence. Prince Eugene intended for the Belvedere to be an escape from the city, which didn't extend beyond the first district in his day. "Landstrasse," now a bustling part of town, was completely undeveloped when construction began in 1712. After the death of Prince Eugene, Empress Maria Theresa acquired the entire complex and transformed the Upper Belvedere into an exhibition venue for the imperial collections – making it one of the first public museums in the world.

    Today, the Belvedere is one of Vienna's most iconic landmarks. The Upper Belvedere perches proudly in the centre of the gardens, giving both sides an impressive view of its facade. The Sala Terrena, the grand staircase, and the Marble Hall are three architectural highlights you can't miss when inside. The Lower Belvedere, formerly the residence of Prince Eugene, is home to illustrious exhibitions.

    Between the Upper and Lower Belvedere stretches an iconic French garden full of carefully planted flower beds and several fountains. Locals and tourists enjoy wandering around the stunning oasis of Baroque horticulture that transports you from the modern city to a more refined time.

    Belvedere: The Museums

    Ever since its inception, the Belvedere has been a house of art. At first, it accommodated the collections of Prince Eugene; later, it became home to large parts of the imperial collection. The opening of the Modern Gallery in the Lower Belvedere in 1903 paved the way for today's collection.

    Currently, it boasts 18,600 works covering 900 years of art history. Highlights of the collection include works from the Middle Ages, the Austrian Baroque and Viennese Biedermeier, and the period in Vienna from around 1900, complemented by works by Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh with an additional focus on the 20th and 21st centuries. The most extensive collection of works by Austrian icon Gustav Klimt lives inside the Belvedere, with famous paintings like The Kiss or Judith attracting visitors from around the world. At the Lower Belvedere, on the other hand, temporary exhibits take centre stage. Smaller shows are ideally suited for the smaller palace building and the Orangerie.

    Belvedere 21, down the street, is a modern addition to the museum complex that opened its doors in its current form in 2011. The modern pavilion, by architect Karl Schwanzer, is an architectural icon of post-war Modernism. It sets the stage for contemporary art and illustrates a remarkable venue for Austrian and international art, film, and music.

    Food & Hotel Tips Around Belvedere

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      Hotel Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere

      Just minutes away from the Belvedere Palaces, the lifestyle hotel is inspired by its spectacular architecture, exhibitions, and Prince Eugene’s life. The rooms and rooftop bar offer stunning views of the palaces.
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      Restaurant Stöckl im Park

      In a green oasis right next to the Belvedere, find the Stöckl im Park. Take a seat in the restaurant's garden, in the shades of century-old trees, and enjoy traditional Austrian dishes along with innovative beers from their brewery.
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    •                         Salm Braeu beer restaurant / Salm Braeu

      Salm Bräu Brewery, Destillery & Restaurant

      Enter the century-old former cloister with over 450 years of history and enjoy some in-house beer specialties after traditional recipes and authentic Viennese cuisine in Salm Bräu's rustic beer tavern.
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      Hotel Daniel & Daniel Bakery

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