• Lena Hoschek, Austrian Fashion Designer in her studio

    Lena Hoschek, Austrian Fashion Designer

    The artistic mix of colours, fabrics, and patterns of Lena Hoschek’s fashion is so extraordinary that stars such as Dita Von Teese, Sarah Jessica Parker or Lana Del Rey are fans of her creations. The Graz native counts among the most sought-after designers in Austria.

    Nach ihrer Ausbildung an der Modeschule Hetzendorf in Wien absolvierte Lena Hoschek ein Praktikum bei Vivienne Westwood in London. Gleich danach nahm ihre Erfolgsgeschichte 2005 in der Grazer Altstadt ihren Anfang, wo sie, erst 24-jährig, ihr erstes Atelier eröffnete. Seit 2016 befindet sich ihr Flagshipstore in der Wiener Innenstadt. Zum 15-jährigen Jubiläum folgte im Dezember 2020 ein weiteres Geschäft in Kitzbühel.

    Lena Hoschek, Austrian Fashion Designer

    Couture, Traditional Costumes, and Folk Art

    As an aside, the Graz native also expanded her couture studio in 2013, where under the management of her design colleague Thomas Kirchgrabner, she offers tailor-made bridal and evening fashion. Those who waltz at one of Vienna’s elegant balls during carnival season will almost certainly spot a few of the distinctively feminine silhouettes of Hoschek’s Atelier.

    The designer combined her love of her home country and her passion for traditional costumes, folk art, and nature with influences from all around the world. From Hollywood glamour of the 40s and 50s to provocative pin-ups or needlework rooted in Hungarian folk art, Hoschek celebrates the female silhouette by drawing inspiration from many sources. She mostly gets her ideas from travels around the world as well as places far removed from city life: the place she grew up, the Mölltal in Carinthia, where her mother was from, as well as the surroundings of Graz.


    Her father, who worked with fashion, furniture, and art, was a big influence and fostered her appreciation of everything beautiful. Austria’s Art Nouveau movement and especially the art collective Wiener Secession at the beginning of the 20th century fascinated the designer. „The thought of giving everything a deliberate design, be it a chair or any other everyday object such as a coffee pot, a spoon, or a dress, has always fascinated me. I am of the opinion that design should take over everything.“ Especially, when the results are as captivating as the designs of Lena Hoschek.

      • 1981 born and raised in Graz.
      • After graduation, training as a make-up artist.
      • 2003, graduation from Hetzendorf Fashion School in Vienna. One-year internship with Vivienne Westwood in London.
      • After her return to Austria, in 2005, she started her label „Lena Hoschek“ and opened a studio in the old town of Graz. Her trademarks are to embrace traditional dressmaking, classic cuts, and the feminine hourglass silhouette. She combines long-lasting materials with folklore influences from all over the world to create extravagant, feminine fashion.
      • 2008, store in Vienna’s 7th district opens; in 2016 it is replaced by the new Flagship Store at the Trattnerhof in the city centre.
      • 2009, Hoschek opens a new store in Graz which still exists today.
      • Since 2009, regular participation at the Berlin Fashion Week.
      • 2012, offices move to an old knitting factory in Wien-Meidling.
      • Since 2013, Hoschek also runs a Couture Atelier where she creates bridal fashion and evening gowns on request.
      • 2020, a third store opens in Kitzbühel.
      • Hoschek is married with two kids.
    „My philosophy is very much rooted in Austria and its traditions.“
    Lena Hoschek

    Which places do you visit regularly? Where do you like to spend your time?

    Lena Hoschek:

    When I am in Vienna, I love to go to a wine tavern in Vienna’s 19th district. The location there is spectacular, as are the sunsets. I love places where I can enjoy sitting in the evening sun. Then always the Mölltal, at least three times a year. I love to go skiing in Heiligenblut and in Kitzbühel. I think Austria’s ski resorts are the best: sports in clean, cold mountain air, in the snow, the speed, powder - if there is any - for me that is one of those very special feelings. Southern Styria also needs to be on the list. Especially when it comes to celebrating, enjoying company, culinary highlights and excellent wines - Southern Styria is an absolute hotspot for me.

    What are your favorite places to wine and dine?

    Lena Hoschek:

    I really love to spend time at farmers markets. The Kaiser-Josef-Markt in Graz is actually one of my favorite “restaurants.” Whether I nibble on fresh radishes, carrots or apples, or have a beer or freshly pressed vegetable juice - I enjoy this market life the most. Recently I also went to Konstantin Filippou in Vienna. That is an absolute highlight - as is of course the Steirereck run by the Reitbauer family in Vienna. Otherwise I like traditional dishes. And don’t forget that my husband is one of the best chefs.

    Which do you prefer: coffeehouse or bar?

    Lena Hoschek:

    Since I already have two kids: the bar. I have been abstinent for far too long (laughs). Also, I prefer to drink coffee at home or at the office. If I want to treat myself, I’ll order a Negroni, whiskey-sour or a glass of Champagne. My favorite bar is the Loos-Bar in Vienna.

    Which museums do love to visit most?

    Lena Hoschek:

    I very much like the Museum of Natural History. I appreciate it when exhibitions have substance. The Albertina often has excellent temporary exhibitions and their permanent exhibition is spectacular as well.

    Is there an Austrian music genre or club that you particularly like?

    Lena Hoschek:

    Well, unfortunately, I am not up-to-date on club life anymore, but the Arena in Vienna is one of my and my husband’s favorite spots where we enjoy concerts as often as we can. I also love it when musicians from the alternative music scene perform at The Konzerthaus in Vienna. For example Chilly Gonzales or Tori Amos. They gave really great concerts there. And festivals, of course, the Nova Rock is always a highlight for us.

    Lena Hoschek's favorite hangouts

    •                 Southern Styria Wine Road
    •                 The farmers market Kaiser Josef Markt in Graz
    •                 Konstantin Filippou in his restaurant
    •                 Restaurant Steirereck
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    •                 The Albertina Museum
    •                 Wiener Konzerthaus - Exterior view by night / Wiener Konzerthaus