Data Protection Policy

    1. General provisions

    The Austrian National Tourist Office (Österreich Werbung) is committed to protecting the privacy of all of its customers. Therefore, when processing personal data, we always comply with applicable data protection laws, and especially the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Austrian Data Protection Act (DSG) and the Austrian Telecommunications Act (TKG 2021). All employees of the Austrian National Tourist Office are required to comply with data confidentiality obligations in accordance with section 6 DSG.

    2. Name and contact details

    Responsible for data processing:

    Austrian National Tourist Office
    Vordere Zollamtsstrasse 13, 1030 Vienna, Austria
    Tel.: +43 1 588 66-0
    Fax: +43 1 588 66-40

    3. Data processing on our websites

    Personal data is collected when you visit our websites. Data concerning visitors to the website is collected for the following purposes:

    • Analysing the use of our website for market research
    • Tailoring website content to our visitors’ interests
    • Enhancing the user experience and making the website easier to use
    • Remarketing of visitor requests to advertise holidays in Austria
    • Targeted advertising to users who may be interested in Austria

    When you order brochures and information or subscribe to our newsletter, we also store the data needed to process the order.

    Your personal data is processed based on your consent, which you may withdraw at any time.

    4. Storage of address details for orders, subscriptions and newsletters

    If you request brochures and information, your data will be stored so that we can process and fulfil your order. This data will be deleted once your order has been fulfilled.

    You may also opt to receive future invitations and information from us. If you select this option, we store your data on an ongoing basis so that we can inform you about offers you may be interested in. You may also withdraw your consent to this at any time.

    If you subscribe to our newsletter, we store your email address so that we can send you the newsletter. We will not use your email address for any other purpose or disclose it to third parties. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time and we will delete your email address.

    We will never use data collected as part of this process to create individual user profiles or to track user browsing behaviour. This data will only be used to fulfil your requests.

    5. AI-Concierge (goodguys gmbh)

    To provide a modern chat function, we use the AI Concierge from Goodguys GmbH (Moeringgasse 20/1, Door 2, 1150 Vienna). This is an artificial intelligence (AI) from Austria, which finds answers to your questions from the content of our websites, together with publicly available content. 

    Personal data that is generated in the course of the chats is processed exclusively on servers of the Austrian processor of Goodguys GmbH. This data includes the IP address of the users and a session ID to keep the chat history of different users apart. This data is deleted at the end of the chat session and can subsequently no longer be assigned to individual users. Query content is stored in anonymous form and can be used by Austria Advertising for function control and further development of the chat functions. 

    In order to formulate the answers of the AI-Concierge, components of the inquiries are also forwarded to servers of Google and OpenAI. The data transmitted to these providers do not contain any parameters with which Google or OpenAI could identify individual persons. It is therefore anonymous data. The assignment of responses to users is carried out exclusively by the IT systems of Goodguys GmbH. 

    However, it is not possible by technical means to filter out content that makes identification possible on the basis of the data entered by the user himself. Therefore, please make absolutely sure not to enter any personal information such as your name, e-mail address, telephone number, etc. in the chat window when using the chat. 

    For more information about AI-Concierge or Goodguys GmbH, please refer to the privacy policy of Goodguys GmbH

    6. Change Tourism Austria (cta)

    • Through the Change Tourism Austria website, the Austrian National Tourist Office provides a joint platform for tourism and innovation professionals. Full use of the service offering is only possible for users who are logged in after completing a registration process. The legal basis for data processing is consent (Article 6(1)(a) GDPR).
    • In the context of using the website, IP addresses and associated technical data of visitors are logged. These data are used exclusively for investigating attacks and technical issues and are deleted after 4 weeks.
    • If visitors give their separate consent, additional statistical data on their use of the platform are collected via Google Analytics and used to optimise the service and to deliver relevant content. This consent can be revoked at any time by revisiting the cookie banner.
    • Registered users are notified via email about important procedures or events. These notifications are activated by default and can be deactivated through the user profile. Information provided by users about themselves or their interests during registration is visible to all other registered users. The display of the contact email address can be controlled by the user through the user profile.
    • Participation in the communication platform, including the storage duration of one's own entries and contributions, is generally indefinite. The user can request the deactivation or deletion of their user profile at any time by emailing In the event of deactivation, content and contributions created by the user remain online. In the case of deletion, the user profile is initially deactivated, and after 30 days, it is deleted, including the content created by the user. Within this period, the deletion can be revoked by the user.

    7. “So schmeckt Österreich” for Amazon and Google

    We provide free digital content via the Amazon and Google assistant services. 
    We do not collect any personal data from users of these applications. The Austrian National Tourist Office only receives statistical analyses from Amazon and Google, which cannot be associated with individual users.

    8. Social Media

    The Austrian National Tourist Office does not have access to personal data collected by the operators of the social media platforms we use. To exercise your rights under the GDPR, please contact the respective social media platform directly, as only they have direct access to your data.

    Meta (Facebook and Instagram)
    The processing of data on our Facebook and Instagram pages is based on an agreement on the joint processing of personal data with Meta Ireland. We receive statistical data (Page Insights) which we use to improve our offerings. Only Meta has direct access to individual user data and can take actions in accordance with the GDPR, such as responding to requests for information or deleting collected data.

    For more details, please visit:

    We receive only statistical data about visitors to our YouTube channel, such as video views, likes, or other interactions with our posts. This data is used exclusively for analysing visitor behaviour to enhance our offerings. For privacy-related concerns, please contact the platform operator directly. For more information, visit:


    The Austrian National Tourist Office utilises the social network Pinterest to provide content about Austria and current information. In this process, data from website visitors (IP address, browser and operating system, usage data) are transmitted to Pinterest, and cookies are set. For visitors who are logged into Pinterest, this data is linked to their Pinterest account. The collected data is used by the Austrian National Tourist Office for marketing and targeted advertising.

    More information about Pinterest can be found at

    9. IP addresses

    To defend against and trace attacks by hackers, we store the IP addresses of all users who access our website. The logs created are only used to monitor security breaches and are only viewed in such an event. IP addresses are not stored permanently. They are deleted after no more than four weeks.

    10. Notice on Data Transfer to the USA

    We exclusively use U.S. companies as data processors that have joined the EU-US data protection framework. According to the adequacy decision of the European Commission, these companies provide an adequate level of protection for the processing of personal data. 

    Further information, including the privacy policies and authorized complaint bodies of these companies, can be found in the list of certified companies maintained by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

    11. Cookies

    12. JENTIS

    The websites of Austrian National Tourist Office use services provided by JENTIS GmbH (Schönbrunner Straße 231, 1120 Vienna). This data processor collects online data relating to visitors to our websites for the purpose of conducting analyses on behalf of Austrian National Tourist Office. 

    The online data in question includes, in particular, the visitor’s IP address and cookie IDs, the pages accessed by the visitor and the times at which they were accessed. If a visitor provides their consent to JENTIS, this data is initially transferred to JENTIS. JENTIS then assigns the visitor an ID that is used to identify the visitor in their browser. 

    The data is then pseudonymised and forwarded on to the online service providers listed below and may be used by Austrian National Tourist Office to analyse visitor behaviour, perform marketing analyses and optimise the website. 

    If the visitor additionally gives their consent for the online service providers listed below, JENTIS will forward the visitor data to these service providers without prior pseudonymisation. 

    13. Google Services

    For details on data collection and processing by Google, please refer to Google's privacy policy on their website: Additional information, including details about your Google account and privacy with Google products, can also be found on their website: You can find an option to specifically prevent the display of personalised advertising by Google at

    Google Analytics

    The Austrian National Tourist Office employs Google Analytics for web analytics purposes, such as anonymised evaluations and visualisations of page views and visits, as well as for remarketing, reports on impressions in the Google Display Network, integration of DoubleClick Campaign Manager, and Google Analytics reports on performance according to demographic characteristics and interests. The use of this analytics service results in cookies being stored on your computer. The information generated, including visitors' IP addresses, is transmitted to and stored on a server in the USA. You can object to the collection of data by Google, among other methods, by using the Google browser plugin.

    Google Ads and Google Floodlights

    Google Ads and Google Floodlights are online advertising and analysis services provided by Google, utilised by the Austrian National Tourist Office for conversion tracking. The information obtained is based on your use of our website and is used to target our visitors with advertisements on our advertising partners' websites. The display of these advertisements is based on cookies stored on your device and occurs only with your consent.

    Google reCAPTCHA

    Google reCAPTCHA is used to determine whether data transmission to our website is being carried out by a human or by automated programs. Google reCAPTCHA analyses the behaviour of the website visitor in order to make this distinction. The collected data, such as the IP address, browser information, operating system, as well as location and usage data, are forwarded to Google for evaluation. As a rule, the IP address is not merged with other data from other Google services, unless you are logged into your Google account while using reCAPTCHA.

    14. Facebook pixel and remarketing/retargeting

    Based on your consent, our website uses the Facebook pixel service provided by Facebook, Inc., 1601 S. California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”). This service enables us to track our users’ actions when they are forwarded to a provider website after clicking on a Facebook advertisement. This means that we can record the effectiveness of Facebook ads for statistical and market research purposes. We cannot view individual users’ personal data. However, the data collected is stored and processed by Facebook.

    Facebook may link the data with your Facebook account data and uses this data for its own advertising purposes in accordance with the Facebook Data Policy. Facebook Conversion Tracking also enables Facebook and its partners to show you advertising on Facebook and elsewhere. A cookie is stored on your computer for this purpose. Only users aged 13 and over may give their consent. If you are under 13 years of age, please contact your parent or guardian.

    Our website also includes Facebook remarketing tags, which create a direct connection between your browser and the Facebook server. This means that Facebook can associate the visit to our site with your user account. We can use the information collected to display Facebook ads. Please note that, as the provider of the website, we do not receive any information regarding the content of the data transmitted or how it is used by Facebook. You can find more information in Facebook’s privacy statement at

    Please click here to withdraw your consent:

    15. Adform

    The Austrian National Tourist Office website uses Adform A/S cookies and products (Ad Server, DSP and DMP) for targeted advertising. Various parameters (pages retrieved, device type, geographic location, last visited websites) are recorded for this purpose and visitors are grouped into different tourism segments (skiing and winter sports, family, spa, etc.). Statistical analyses are then used to find similar individuals in the global Adform cookie pool so that these individuals can be targeted with relevant advertising for Austrian tourism offers. These “lookalikes” may also be provided to our partners within Austrian tourism, especially provincial tourism organisations and regional organisations.

    Further information is available at the following address:

    You can also opt out on this page. Data concerning you that has been stored by Adform can be deleted at

    16. Adyoulike

    The Austrian National Tourist Office uses the company Adyoulike to deliver targeted advertising on its French-language websites. This may involve the use of cookies and an Adyoulike pixel.

    The privacy policy of Adyoulike can be found at

    On this page, you can also find an option to object to the processing of your data by Adyoulike.

    17. TVSquared

    In the United Kingdom (UK), the Austrian National Tourist Office uses the service TVSquared to collect statistical data and target advertising through TV streaming services. Further information and notes can be found at

    18. Sojern

    The Austrian National Tourist Office employs services from the U.S. marketing provider Sojern to promote Austrian hotels in English-speaking regions and to support direct bookings through targeted online marketing. This involves setting various cookies and collecting data from prospective customers to deliver targeted advertising.

    More information can be found at


    The Austrian National Tourist Office uses services from GmbH to collect and jointly evaluate social media content from various platform providers in a social wall. This involves storing cookies and entries in the Web Storage on the end devices of website visitors.

    More information about this provider can be found at

    20. Podcast Hosting Service Podigee

    We use the podcast hosting service Podigee of the provider Podigee GmbH, Schlesische Straße 20, 10997 Berlin, Germany. The podcasts are loaded by Podigee or transmitted via Podigee. The use of Podigee is based on a concluded order processing agreement pursuant to Art. 28 DSGVO. The processing of data resulting from the use of the services is based on our legitimate interests, i.e. interest in a secure and efficient provision, analysis and optimisation of our podcast offer pursuant to Art. 6 (1) lit. f. DSGVO. DSGVO. Podigee processes IP addresses and device information to enable podcast downloads/playbacks and to determine statistical data, such as call-up figures. This data is anonymised before being stored in Podigee's database.

    21. Transmission of data to third parties and processors

    We do not process your data without your consent. Data is transferred to third parties only with your consent and if necessary to meet your requests and requirements. This does not include transmissions of data that are required for the security of our website, e.g. to protect against attacks by hackers.

    All processors (service providers) to whom data is transferred are companies that offer sufficient assurance of secure, legally compliant use of the data. In accordance with Article 28 GDPR, agreements are concluded with all processors to ensure that all data protection and data security requirements are met.

    22. Data storage period

    Data that we process based on your consent is stored until you withdraw your consent. Cookies are stored until the end of their lifetime, unless you delete them earlier. In all other cases, your personal data is stored until the end of the retention periods provided by law. Insofar as we need to retain data to protect ourselves against legal claims, this data will be stored until the end of the statutory limitation periods (usually three years).

    23. Data subject rights

    You can withdraw any consent at any time. Please use the technical options provided for this purpose. You can also contact us using the addresses provided in section 2.

    At any time, you may use these contact addresses to

    • request information on the data stored about you
    • request the correction, erasure or restriction of processing of the stored data
    • exercise your right to data portability pursuant to data protection law

    At any time, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing. If we process your data based on our overriding legitimate interests, you may object to the processing on grounds relating to your particular situation.

    You may also lodge a complaint with the Austrian Data Protection Authority, Barichgasse 40-42, 1030 Vienna.

    Date: January 2024