• organic farm Adamah Biohof Lower Austria

    Shopping at farm stores in Austria

    Many farms invite visitors to purchase their products directly on site. Field to shopping basket can scarcely get any shorter than this. They offer a broad range of products, from fruits to vegetables and often even home-made goods. It’s a good way of getting high quality products and sustainability into your kitchen. Let us introduce you to several of these farm stores.

    Beastly good things from the farm

    • The Patz family in Styria

      At the Patz family store in Austria's south east you will find traditional Styrian meat products such as beech-smoked pork. The selection ranges from fresh meat and frankfurters to roast pork, pork loaf, and sausage products.

      Styrian specialities
          farm store Patz, Styria
    • The Leitner-Eisl family in SalzburgerLand

      With the Leitner-Eisl family in Thalgau, near Salzburg, it’s all about sheep. At the farm store of their “Stranzenhof” they offer sheep-milk specialities, lamb, and sheep sausages as well as goods from their own garden including spreads syrups and schnaps.

      Culinary delights in SalzburgerLand
          farm Stranzenhof, Salzburg
    • Markus and Thomas Ehammer in Tirol

      The brothers Thomas and Markus Ehammer, who call themselves the “Milchbuben” (milk boys), market their soft cheeses both in Tirol and beyond the provincial borders. Taste for yourself: their Tirolean camembert is every bit as good as the French variety.

      Discover Tirol’s culinary pleasures
          Thomas and Markus Ehammer, Milchbuben KG, Tyrolean master cheesemakers
    • The Gstach family in Vorarlberg

      The Gstach family produces high-quality, handcrafted, traditional pork products as well as innovations like dry-aged pork. The Gstachs place great importance on transparency, so visitors are welcome to take a look behind the scenes.

      Explore Culinary Vorarlberg
          farm store family Gstach, Vorarlberg

    Juice, syrups and spirits

    •                 herb manufactory family Leisch in Upper Austria
    •                 apricots farm Marillenhof Kausl
    •                 farmstore Rohrhuber, Upper Austria

    Fruits and vegetables from Austria

    •                     Tschida Chilli

      Hot stuff

      With the Tschida family, it’s all about chillies: in addition to fresh chillies of the season, they make part of the harvest into chilli pastes, salsas, chilli sauces, and chilli salt and sell them at their farm store.
      Culinary Burgenland
    •                     organic figs farm Bio Feigenhof, Wien

      Fruit from the big city

      Fig delicacies from the Thiesz family: From June to October, fully ripe, fresh figs can be purchased at their farm store. Jams, chutneys, mustard, and balsamic vinegar are available throughout the year.
      Discover Culinary Vienna
    •                     organic farm Adamah Biohof Lower Austria

      Fresh from the field

      The “organic crate” from the Biohof Adamah organic farm brings fresh fruits and vegetables right to your door. The farm store features seasonal varieties as well as pasta, rice, and spreads for your pantry.
      Discover Lower Austria’s farm stores

    Farm Stores in Austria

    •                 Fairkocht in der Schtubacht Küche

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