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    Stay Safe on the Slopes

    There should be nothing standing in the way of a wonderful and safe experience on the slopes! Skiing and snowboarding are fun and low-risk if you follow these tips to get prepared.

    Stretching in the snow, Zell am See-Kaprun / Kaprun

    1) Exercise in advance

    Even if you have a good level of fitness, it is important that you start working the muscles used for skiing before your trip. Once in Austria, give your body a quick workout and 10 min of stretching every time before you hit the slopes.

    2) Make sure you're insured

    Before you decide it's time to attempt that black run, make sure that you have an adequate winter sports insurance and read the small print of what's included.

    Skiing for beginners in Austria

    3) Take some lessons

    Even if you have been skiing before, it's always a good idea to refresh your skills. In addition to excellent beginner sessions, many Austrian ski resorts offer ski comeback courses to ensure you get back to the slopes safely.

    4) Keep track of the weather

    Most Austrian hotels will have a daily weather report available at reception, but if unsure, ask. If you get caught by changing weather, call it a day rather than wait until it's too late. Despite avalanche risk assessment, there is always a chance of unexpected avalanches in snowbound areas. If you are skiing off-piste, never go alone, take an avalanche pole, a transceiver or a shovel and - most importantly - a professional guide.


    5) What to wear

    UV rays are stronger at high altitudes and intensified by snow glare, so wear ski goggles and apply sunscreen. Wear layers to adapt to the constant change in body temperature - not only caused by the going in and out of mountain huts! Children under 16 must wear a ski helmet and parents or other responsible adults must ensure that the helmet requirement is met.

    6) Pay attention while on the slopes

    Familiarize yourself with the FIS "Rules of the Slopes" before departure and watch out for others on the slopes. If you've had enough, allow yourself a rest off to the side of the slopes. Watch your speed and know your limits. It's supposed to be relaxing after all, so no need to push yourself to the max. And if you feel it's time to call it a day, then even more opportunity to get to know Austria's legendary après-ski.

    Father-daughter skiing, Dachstein, Krippenstein

    7) Ski helmets are obligatory in parts of Austria

    In some Austrian provinces (SalzburgerLand, Upper and Lower Austria, Styria, Burgenland, Vienna and Carinthia) young skiers till the age of 15 must wear a ski helmet while on the slopes. Tirol and Vorarlberg do not have such statutory regulations. In both provinces a public recommendation for wearing a ski helmet has only been made. However, the amount of winter sport enthusiasts wearing a helmet amongst young skiers and adults is significantly increasing. Don't have your own helmet? Ski helmets can be rented from ski schools and ski rental shops throughout Austria.


    Tips for your off-piste safety

    Avalanche Awareness

    1. You always should make a plan if you want to go on a ski tour, or freeriding - best to go with a ski guide!
    2. Check up-to-date information: Avalanche risk assessment, weather forecast, map of the area, etc.
    3. If you are going off-piste, NEVER go without avalanche equipment: Transceiver | beacon, shovel, avalanche airbag
    4. For the inexperienced: Book an avalanche course
    5. Read specialist literature (f.e. about how to spot an area where an avalanche might be likely)

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