• Welcome to Graz

      Clock tower

    Things to do in Austria's Stunning Second City

    • Shopping at Kastner&Oehler in Graz

      Where and What to Shop in Graz

      Graz’ slow, epicurean lifestyle is all about treating yourself. Whether it’s with a Styrian fried chicken salad, or a stroll across gentle Schlossberg mountain.

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    • Zámok Eggenberg

      Graz' Eggenberg Palace is a Mathematical Marvel

      Find out what make the design of this 17th century Baroque palace so unique.           

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    • Tram in Graz

      Graz: Austria’s Shooting Star

      Fall in love with Austria’s south, and its indisputable capital. This photo essay takes you on a visual tour of the Styrian city!

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    • Eating and drinking in Graz

      Food, Wine, and the Simple Life in Graz

      Certain places are best discovered through their local food. Graz is one of them and defends its title as Austria's Culinary Capital.

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    • Schlossberg in Graz

      Beginner's Guide to Austria's Southern Beauty

      Explore the charms of Austria’s second largest city with your eyes, ears, and tastebuds.

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