• Lavish Must-Sees of the Kunsthistorisches Museum

      Explore the art collection at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien


    • See the world's largest Bruegel collection
    • Explore 2,100 objets d'art from the Habsburgs' archives
    • Have coffee at the marble Cupola Hall


    Quick Facts

    Location: Innere Stadt (1st district)
    Closed: Mondays

    1. Find beauty in the details with Bruegel

    The Kunsthistorisches Museum owns the world’s largest collection of works by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. As one of the most notable Flemish artist of the 16th century, Bruegel is known for intricate depictions of peasant life and stunning landscapes. 

    Look closely at masterpieces like “The Tower of Babel” and at the minuscule details of Bruegel’s composition. Find ant-like figures dotting the scene, tiny houses on the tower, and entire bustling cities in the background.


    2. Rummage through the Habsburgs’ treasure chest

    Well, you can’t exactly touch the 2,100 objets d’art that make up the Kunstkammer (chamber of art). But peering at ivory carvings and miniatures, timepieces, paintings, intricate sculptures, wall-hangings, coins, and weapons is impressive enough. 

    If you feel suddenly blinded by 10 inches of solid gold, you’ve found the “Saliera” by Cellini. This gold and enamel salt cellar is one of the museum’s glittering highlights.

    3. Look up inside Cupola Hall

    Cupola Hall is the beating heart of the Kunsthistorisches Museum. Not only is it located at the centre of the 19th century complex; it’s also a meeting point for museum goers and locals. Take a seat at the Cupola Cafe and look around: the hall is panelled with white marble and decorated in gold. Above you, one of the most ornate domed ceilings in the Vienna lets in the sun.


    4. Celebrate Beethoven

    250 years after the composer and Viennese icon was born, the KHM celebrates his legacy through visual art! The anniversary exhibit "Beethoven moves" tackles his oeuvre from a visual perspective through 120 paintings, drawings, sculptures, videos, and performance pieces - giving it physical form.

    Other 2020 exhibition highlights include a show on Titian in the fall, as well as a fascinating look into Aztec culture at the newly opened Weltmuseum Wien.

    5. Shop like Empress Sisi

    The Imperial Shop on Ringstrasse boulevard, not far from the museum's main building, pays homage to the KHM's original patrons: the House of Habsburg. Quality local products and luxury items from Viennese manufacturers are lovingly curated at the store and can inspire serious souvenir-envy.

    Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

    Maria-Theresien-Platz 1

    1010 Vienna


    +43 1 52524 2500