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      Highlights of Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

    Discover the must-sees of the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Imperial Collections of the Habsburgs in Vienna

    • About Kunsthisorisches Museum Vienna

      • Location: Maria-Theresien-Platz, Innere Stadt (1st district), Vienna
      • Hours: Tue – Sun, 10 am – 6 pm | Thursday, 10 am – 9 pm
      • Established: 1871–1891
      • Significance: It is one of the world's largest and most noteworthy art history museums. 
    • Highlights

      • See the world’s most extensive Bruegel collection and the famous “Saliera” by Cellini
      • Explore 2,100 objets d'art from the Habsburgs' archives
      • Have coffee, dinner or a party at the marble Cupola Hall
      • Discover more of the Imperial Collections of the Habsburgs at the Imperial Treasury, the Imperial Carriage Museum, the Neue Hofburg and the Theater Museum

    1. Find beauty in the details with Bruegel

    Next to their variant special exhibitions, the permanent shows featuring their fabulous collections are always a must-see. The Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna owns the world’s most extensive collection of works by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. As one of the most notable Flemish artists of the 16th century, Bruegel is known for intricate depictions of peasant life and stunning landscapes. 

    Look closely at masterpieces like “The Tower of Babel” and the minuscule details of Bruegel’s composition. Find ant-like figures dotting the scene, tiny houses on the tower, and entire bustling cities in the background.
    The interactive website gives you a great view of all the paintings by Bruegel in the collection of the museum.

    2. Rummage through the Habsburgs’ treasure chest

    The Kunstkammer Wien is the world’s most important collection of its kind. You can’t exactly touch the 2,100 objets d’art that make up the Kunstkammer (chamber of art). But peering at ivory carvings and miniatures, timepieces, paintings, intricate sculptures, wall hangings, coins, and weapons is impressive enough. 

    If you feel suddenly blinded by 10 inches of solid gold, you’ve found the “Saliera” by Cellini. This gold and enamel salt cellar is one of the museum’s glittering highlights.

    While navigating through the building, make sure to examine Gustav Klimt’s spandrel paintings between the arches and columns on the lavish museum’s stairwell.

    3. Explore the Egyptian and Near Eastern Collection

    The Egyptian and Near Eastern Collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna is among the world’s most important collections of Egyptian antiquities. The more than 17,000 objects date from a period of almost four thousand years, from the Egyptian Predynastic and Early Dynastic periods (ca. 3500 BC) to the early Christian era. Geographically their origins range from Egypt, Nubia, the eastern Mediterranean and Mesopotamia to the Arabian Peninsula.

    4. Look up inside Cupola Hall

    Cupola Hall is the beating heart of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna. Not only is it located at the centre of the 19th-century complex, but with its magnificent Cupola Cafe, it’s also a meeting point for museum-goers and locals. The hall is panelled with white marble and decorated in gold. Above you, one of Vienna’s most ornate domed ceilings lets in the sun.

    Artsy Breakfast & Dinner

    How do you take your coffee? At the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, it’s served with a dash of culture and views over centuries of art. Sit down for breakfast in the Cupola Hall with its lavish dome and energize before your walk through the collection.

    If you’re looking for something more elegant, enjoy a gourmet dinner in the Cupola Hall. On Thursday evenings, from 6:30 pm to 10 pm, it transforms into a stately but intimate dining room. You can even get up between courses and roam the Kunstkammer or the Picture Gallery for an exclusive after-hours tour.

    Nightlife at the Museum

    Once a month, the Cupola Hall dims the lights, puts on music, and throws a party. This event series is called “Kunstschatzi” (cute for "my art treasure") and notoriously attracts Vienna’s young and young-at-heart to the museum. 

    A master mixologist creates a themed cocktail for the night, and the museum is open to explore until 11 pm. Enjoy the lineup of local DJs and mingle with other visitors - Tintoretto and Rubens make for excellent conversation starters.

    5. Discover more highlights of the Imperial Collections of the Habsburgs

    If you wish to travel deeper into the life of the Habsburgs' – we have a few more gems in store for you that are worth exploring:

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      Imperial Carriage Museum Vienna

      Explore the glamorous world of the Vienna Court and see imperial carriages, handcrafted harnesses, ceremonial robes and more.
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      Imperial Armoury

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      Collection of Historic Musical Instruments

      See the world's most significant collection of renaissance and baroque instruments, some of which played by famous musicians and composers.
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      Theater Museum Vienna

      Explore the palace of the former Prince Lobkowitz, admire the Nuda Veritas by Gustav Klimt and learn about the history of theatre.
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    • Combined ticket – Treasures of the Habsburgs

      Embark on a journey of discovery through the Imperial Collections of the Habsburgs and see two of Vienna's premier sights with a single ticket.

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          Imperial Treasury Vienna / Kaiserliche Schatzkammer Wien

      Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna & Imperial Treasury Vienna

    • Combined ticket – Empress Sisi

      Follow the trail of the beloved Empress Elisabeth. Discover exquisite jewellery from her private possession in the Imperial Treasury Vienna and the Imperial Carriage Museum Vienna.

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    Specials in 2024

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      House of Habsburg Tour

      Take a tour through 650 years of history at the Imperial Place, from the founders of the House of Habsburg to Emperor Franz Joseph and Sisi.
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      Rembrandt – Hoogstraten Colour and Illusion

      Starting in October, the KHM unveils an exhibition on Rembrandt and his student, featuring an unprecedented collection of Rembrandt's masterpieces.
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      Johann Strauss – The Exhibition

      The Theater Museum marks Strauss's 200th birthday with an extensive exhibition on the life and work of the renowned composer, starting in October.
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