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    Once upon a time, Schubert’s music was exclusively played at intimate house soirees, famously known as Schubertiaden. Today the composer’s concerts are very much intact, whether in alpine scenery, or a more underground setting.

    by Marsa Kindl-Omuse and Marietta Steinhart


    Music parties

    Schubert was rather poor most of his life. He famously crashed with his friends, and for the longest time he didn't even have his own piano. During his lifetime his Lieder (songs) were mainly heard by a small group of dedicated friends, who would come to his intimate musical soirees, which became all the rage in 19th century Vienna as so called "Schubertiaden.”

    As shy as Schubert may have been in public, the more sociable he was among friends. People would dance, sing, play charades, drink, and read poetry, while the music man was sitting at the piano, playing his latest work. Apparently, he was neither a boozer, nor a party animal, but it is said that a glass of wine did occasionally help with inspiration. A letter from his composer friend Anselm Hüttenbrenner reads:

    Schubertianer / Wien Museum

    "One evening I invited Schubert over to me because I ... had received several bottles of red wine ... After we had emptied the noble Sexarder down to the last drop, he sat down at my desk and composed the wonderfully lovely Lied ‘Die Forelle.’ "

    Birthplace of Franz Schubert / Piano

    A happy little trout

    "Die Forelle" is also a charming Lied that serves as an example of music tailor-made for Schubertiade evenings. Its storyline is about life and death, and its title character, „a happy little trout,” is killed by a heartless fisherman.

    It is said that one night, Schubert performed this new song, when someone in the audience said: „You know, Franz, the accompanying topic reminds me very much of Beethoven's Coriolan Overture.” Schubert apparently replied: „Well, then it's nothing new, get rid of it!” and wanted to tear up the sheet of music. Luckily, he could be persuaded, to not irrevocably destroy what today is one of his most famous songs.

    „Mozart and Beethoven reach heaven - Schubert comes from there.” 

    Klavier im Franziskischlössl
    Oskar Werner

    Not to see and be seen

    Despite this festival’s world-class atmosphere, it is not a place to see and be seen. Picturesque hills, charming villages and towns, friendly people, and music fans from all over the world make up the unique, tranquil vibe of the Schubertiade in Schwarzenberg and Hohenems.

    It is all about keeping this festival at an intimate character, peacefully listening to top-quality music, and enjoying a good conversation about it at dinner afterwards with like-minded friends.

    Schubert would probably have loved it!

    •                     Angelika Kauffmann Hall in Schwarzenberg, concert break, Schubertiade

      Setting in Nature

      Here, in the middle of the Alps, the natural atmosphere corresponds beautifully with the music of Schubert and his contemporaries.
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      Song Highlights

      No other festival presents so many song recitals in such a short period of time with the world’ best Lieder interpreters as well as newcomers.
    •                     Markus Sittikus Hall forecourt, Schubertiade Hohenems

      Programme Variety

      The programme is enhanced with lectures, exhibitions, and master classes offered by top singers and instrumentalists of our time.

    Schubertiade Festival Facts

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