• The Parliament of Vienna at sunrise
      About Austria

      Find out facts and figures about Austria and meet its people and their customs.

    •                         Hofburg Palace Wien


      Like most European countries, Austria looks back on a very eventful history. Learn more about it here.
      How did Austria become Austria?
    •                         Clocktower in Graz Austria / Graz

      Public Holidays & Daylight-Savings Time

      Will there be a public holiday during your stay in Austria? And could there be a clock change while you are away? Here is our lists of Austrian public holidays and daylight-savings time.
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    •                         Eating at the mountain hut in Tirol

      What Are Austrians Like?

      Find out more about eating with Austrians, drinking with Austrians, and what "na no na net" means.
      Meet the Austrians
    •                         Hut at Schwarzsee / Tyrol, Austria

      Monetary Matters

      Austria is a member of the Economic and Currency Union - the common currency is the Euro. Also: find out about ATM, use of credit cards and traveling with large amounts of money.
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    •                         Resting area in Vöcklabruck / Vöcklabruck

      Nature and Climate

      Find out about Austria's weather and climate, wildlife and plants and its broad variety of landscapes.
      Climate, fauna and flora
    •                         Mozart family picture

      Famous Austrians

      From Mozart to Freud, Austria's sons and daughters have left their mark across politics, art, science, and sport. Find out which famous personalities originate from or lived in Austria.
      Austria's most famous names