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    Up-to-date information on the Coronavirus situation

    Current situation in Austria

    The measures implemented by the Austrian Federal Government and the discipline of the Austrian people have taken effect. The number of new infections in Austria is continuing to decrease and the strict measures for the containment of the coronavirus can therefore be loosened in a step by step process.
    Austria is currently in a phase of gradual, secure and monitored re-opening. The gastronomy sector and museums will be able to open on May 15th, accommodation facilities and recreational operations will follow on May 29th.
    The next step will be allowing cross-border travel to neighbouring countries with comparable good results as Austria. The opening of the border to Germany has already been announced for June 15th.

    Find below the available pieces of information on current and planned measures. Additional details are currently being drawn up by the Austrian Federal Government – these details depend on further developments. The safety of our guests, our hosts and of the Austrian citizens remains the primary objective throughout this whole process.

    We hope to be able to welcome you back to Austria soon. In the meantime: Be positive and stay healthy!

    Please note: The following pieces of information have been researched with the utmost care. However, we can provide no guarantee of accuracy.

    Air traffic

    Vienna Airport, Innsbruck Airport and Salzburg Airport are operational, though with limited services. Austrian Airlines has suspended regular air traffic until May 31st. Please refer to your airline to obtain information on the status of your planned flight.

    Train services

    On May 11th, the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) have returned to the regular timetable for regional train traffic within Austria. Since May 18th, the regular timetable is also valid again for long-distance travelling within the Austrian territory.

    Up-to-date information of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB)

    Opening of the border to Germany

    In close accordance with the German Federal Government, the Austrian Government has announced a complete opening of the border between Germany and Austria for June 15th. Talks with other neighbouring countries are currently being held.

    Entry into Austria

    International travel is currently limited or not possible at all. To enter Austria, the following regulations are in place until May 31st:

    People travelling to Austria are obligated to produce a medical certificate proving a negative COVID-19 test result upon entry. The certificate cannot be older than 4 days when entering Austria. Without the certificate, entry will be denied. Transiting the Austrian territory without stopover is permitted. Austrian citizens or people with primary, secondary or habitual residence in Austria do not have to produce such a certificate if they commit to a 14-day quarantine in their place of residence.

    Entry by air is prohibited to third country nationals from states outside the Schengen area. Third country nationals travelling from inside the Schengen area by air, have to carry a medical certificate proving a negative COVID-19 test result and are obligated to commit to a 14-day quarantine.

    Vienna airport now offers the possibility to undergo molecular-biological COVID-19-Tests (PCR test) directly on site at the airport. The test findings are available within a period of about three hours. Please note that it is necessary to arrange an appointment and that this service entails costs. All details are available here.

    Please keep in mind that not only do the Austrian regulations apply, but also the ones issued by your country of origin. Hence, please refer to the responsible authorities in the your country for information on regulations regarding your departure, transit and return.

    Issue of visas

    The Austrian embassies and consulates around the globe are currently not issuing any visas.

    Protection in public spaces

    Until the end of June, a safety distance of 1 metre has to be kept between people who don’t live in a joint household. No more than 10 people should gather in public spaces. The use of face masks in all shops as well as in public transport and public buildings is compulsory (scarves and home-made masks are permitted). Exceptions will apply to the gastronomy sector, which is re-opening at the middle of May. (see below).


    From May 29th, accommodation facilities are permitted to re-open their establishment for touristic purposes. Please contact your accommodation directly to make sure they will indeed be open by that date.

    Until May 29th, accommodation facilities are closed for touristic use. Exceptions are made for lodging establishments that cater to key employees.


    Since May 15th, gastronomic establishments are permitted to open until 11 pm. No more than 4 adults and their respective children may sit around one table. A minimum distance of 1 metre/3.3 feet has to be kept to people on neighbouring tables. Service at the counter is not permitted. The wearing of face-masks is compulsory for the service staff, guests only on the way to the table.
    It is recommended to reserve a table in advance. Please find detailed information regarding these measures on the website Sichere Gastfreundschaft.


    Since the beginning of may, all shops that supply goods are open again, regardless of their size. The same goes for service provides such as hairdressers. The wearing of mouth/nose protection is compulsory in all shops.


    For the time being, all events are prohibited until the end of June 2020. In public spaces, no more than ten people should gather in one place at the same time. Major events are prohibited until August 31st.

    Recreational facilities and sights

    Recreational facilities and sights may re-open on May 29th, outdoor animal parks and zoos already on May 15th. Museums may also open on May 15th, however, many institutions have decided to wait and open later. For indoor areas, the wearing of a mouth/nose protection as well as the providing of 10m² of space minimum per visitor are compulsory.
    Please contact the respective establishment on time to find out whether they are indeed open.

    Planned opening dates in Vienna
    Planned opening dates in Salzburg

    Swimming pools

    Swimming pools may open on May 29th. Details regarding possible restrictions or further requirements are currently being elaborated.

    Local public transport

    Currently, there are no restrictions in place regarding public transport (metro, bus and tram services) in Austria. The wearing of mouth/nose protection is compulsory in all public transport options.

    Cancellation of trips

    For question regarding cancellation terms, please refer directly to your accommodation or your tour operator.

    Suspected infection

    If you are showing symptoms during your stay in Austria or suspect to be infected with COVID-19, absolutely avoid gatherings of people and public transport. Please quarantine yourself and call the public health hotline 1450 for further instructions.