What Happens If I Get Sick on Holiday?

    Whilst preparing for your holiday you might wonder: “What happens if I fall ill with coronavirus whilst away?” Here is all the information you need.

    Austria’s hosts are doing everything they can to ensure you have a carefree stay, but there are of course no 100% guarantees in these unprecedented times. What happens if you think you might have contracted coronavirus? We answer the most important questions.

    • What happens if I experience coronavirus symptoms whilst on holiday in Austria?

      If you start to feel unwell whilst on holiday in Austria and experience typical coronavirus symptoms such as a dry cough, unusual fatigue, or a high temperature, call the health advice hotline 1450. They will tell you what to do next and advise how you can best protect yourself and others. Please reduce your contact with others, avoid crowds of people and public transport and self-isolate if possible.

    • What happens if someone in my hotel/accommodation facility contracts COVID-19?

      If a guest experiences symptoms, the health advice hotline 1450 should be called. The health authority in charge will then take appropriate steps to ensure everyone's well-being. Anyone who has been in contact with the patient will be notified and advised on what steps to take. These measures also apply when there is a suspected infection. If the COVID-19 test comes back negative, the measures end.

      In general, guests who fall ill should remain in self-isolation at their hotel, unless there is a medical need to admit them to hospital. A public health officer will decide on a case-by-case basis whether guests can return home.

    • Should I get tested?

      We would initially ask that you contact the health advice hotline 1450, whose experts will be able to evaluate your symptoms and advise on next steps. If you would like to get tested then you can do so at over 40 sites in Austria. Tests cost around € 120.

    • Who will pay for the test?

      Your contact at the health advice hotline 1450 will evaluate whether there is a reasonable suspicion of infection. If they order a test, you will not have to pay for it yourself. This applies to both tourists and Austrian residents.

      Read more about the health advice hotline 1450
    • Do I have to quarantine?

      A 10-day quarantine is mandatory for those entering Austria from risk areas (until a negative PCR test result has been obtained) and upon official order. Regardless of this, you should generally self-isolate to protect others if you have reason to believe you might be infected.

      Read more about Austria´s entry regulations
    • What rules do I need to follow during quarantine?

      During quarantine, you are not allowed to leave your accommodation or receive private visitors. If you live with others, keep your distance (stay in separate rooms if possible). You might be subject to a check by officials during quarantine.

    • Am I allowed to return home?

      Public health officers can decide whether individuals are allowed to travel home, e.g. by private car. Train or plane journeys are not permitted with suspected or confirmed symptoms.

    • What happens if I test positive?

      Then you have to quarantine. Hospitalisation is only necessary in severe cases. Anyone you've been in contact with will be notified.

    • How much will it cost?

      It is not possible to estimate costs and cover for any treatments that may be required as these depend on individual circumstances. Please contact your health or travel insurance.

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