• Museums & Culture in Vienna

      Upper Belvedere

    Here are our Favourite Museums in Vienna

    • The Albertina Museum

      Welcome to Albertina

      A former Habsburg palace and home to Albrecht Dürer's "Young Hare."

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    • Schloss Hof

      Visit the Imperial Palace & Schloss Hof

      The Imperial Palace and Schloss Hof are the lesser-known Habsburg residences in Vienna. Take a peek at history behind their decorated walls.

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    • Leopold Museum Vienna

      Visit the Leopold Museum

      This bastion of Austrian art takes you up close with greats like Klimt, Schiele, and Kokoschka. It houses the largest collection of Austrian modern art in the world!

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    • Säulenhalle im MAK

      Visit MAK Vienna

      The museum for applied arts in Vienna is a must-see for design and architecture lovers. It is one of the most significant institutions of its kind in Europe!

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    • Außenansicht Oberes Belvedere

      Visit the Belvedere

      Explore art and architecture at one of Vienna's most iconic palace complexes!

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    • Liechtenstein City Palace - Ballroom

      Welcome to the Liechtenstein Palaces

      Expect to be dazzled by architecture, gardens, and art at the privately owned Liechtenstein Palaces in Vienna.

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    • Mozarthaus Vienna

      Visit Mozart, Beethoven & Co

      One Ticket to visit the great composers – this is your key to Vienna’s music scene! Explore the capital through the eyes of Mozart and Beethoven, two of its most famous former residents. The Haus der Musik and Mozarthaus bring you closer to Classical Vienna.

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    • Museum of Fine Arts Vienna

      Visit the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

      A visit of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, one of the world’s best museums of fine arts, is a must no matter how short the visit.

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