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    Graz is the capital of Styria and Austria's second largest city. Here, culture, culinary delights and trendy design take centre stage on both sides of the River Mur. A relaxed city with a Mediterranean vibe, and a cultural hot spot.

    The city of Graz is nestled in the south of Austria. Its reputation of being a lively, modern cultural place earned it the title of Cultural Capital of Europe 2003, and its beautiful historical centre, which is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, is a colourful smorgasbord of different influences, from the Baroque to the Renaissance, Art Deco and Medieval.

    Must-Sees in Graz

    Landmarks such as the late-gothic cathedral is reminiscent of the times when Graz was still an imperial seat, and the baroque Mausoleum of Emperor Kaiser Ferdinand II next door is an equally impressive sight. Universalmuseum Joanneum, donated by prince Johann at the beginning of the 19th century, is Austria's largest provincial museum and spotlights nature, culture and arts in Styria, whereas the Murinsel is an artificial floating platform in the middle of the Mur.

    About Graz

    Graz' roots date back to the Roman age. More than 1000 years ago a castle was build on what today is called the "Schlossberg", a forested mountain which rises over the medieval town centre and is criss-crossed with walks from all sides. It is the perfect spot to get fantastic views of all over the city.

    Top Highlights in Graz

    •                         Clock tower

      The Schlossberg and the Clock Tower

      It takes but a short time to ascend and enjoy the beautiful views of Graz and its surroundings. The Clock Tower on top of the Schlossberg is a well-known landmark of the city.
      Read more about this unusual clock
    •                         Mausoleum / Graz

      The Mausoleum

      Here, next to the Dome, Emperor Ferdinand II had his court artist Giovanni Pietro de Pomis lay out the impressive tomb. The vault is dominated by an impressive sarcophagus of red marble.
      Visit this imperial place of rest
    •                         Kunsthaus Graz

      The Kunsthaus Graz

      This blue bubble of art was designed by the world-famous architects Peter Cook and Colin Fournier, and hovers elegantly and mysteriously over the right bank of the River Mur.
      Learn more about Austrian and contemporary art
    •                         Advent in Graz / Graz

      The Murinsel

      Is it a boat or an island? It was commissioned as part of the city’s role as Capital of Culture in 2003. It's function is to link the river and the city; a wonderful place to drink coffee or enjoy a cocktail.
      Check out the Island in the Mur
    •                         Eggenberg Palace / Schloss Eggenberg

      Eggenberg Palace

      It is set within a beautiful park on the edge of the city centre, and was laid out as an architectural allegory of the universe, representing a precisely calculated cosmos.
      Learn more about the Palace and its gardens
    •                         Carillon

      The Glockenspiel

      A sweet maiden and hearty lad dance their pirouettes in traditional costumes three times a day (11.00, 15.00 & 18.00) up in the gable of the building on Glockenspielplatz square.
      Dance with the Glockenspiel

    Explore the Lifestyle of Graz

    Picnic at the Schlossberg in Graz

    Come for the food, stay for the atmosphere

    Graz: A Foodie’s Paradise

    As a foodie, you’ll feel right at home in Graz: You’ll find local cuisine using regional and seasonal products at every corner. Events like the Graz Food Festival in August and regular farmers’ markets are integral parts of the city, as are exciting restaurants serving up ever new scrumptious creations. The streets are lined with small, independent shops and boutiques. Don't forget to try the famous Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil, the "black gold" of Styria!

    And then, there is this amazing city to enjoy those culinary delights in. You will notice, that there is no big city rush in Graz. Instead, take a seat somewhere in the old town, listen to a nearby street musician, and sip your coffee. A relaxed way of life permeates everything here - a way of life that stays with you.

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