Queer Vienna

    Vienna is a modern and diverse city. Here, you can love whoever you want.

    Austria's capital doesn't have a single predominantly queer neighbourhood, but a lively LGBTQ scene with some "gay only" and a great number of gay-friendly and mixed places throughout town.

    Several of the most fun gay spots are located around the Naschmarkt area. The vast open-air food market is any chef’s dream and connects Vienna's 4th with the 6th district. Here you can find the LGBTQ Community centre (the "Turquoise Pink Purple Villa"), the ornate Café Savoy, and the twenty-somethings’ hangouts like Village Bar and Mango Bar, among other hotspots, within walking distance.

    In recent years, several queer events have taken centre stage in Vienna's cultural landscape. The “Wien ist Andersrum” (Vienna is Queer) cultural festival in early June offers a variety of cultural performances featuring LGBTQ artists and topics. The Vienna Pride (June) is one of the fastest growing Pride events worldwide. In 2019, Vienna also hosted the Euro Pride, which attracted thousands of visitors to the city and the epic parties are still talked about today!

    Cafés, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs

    By Women for Women

    In Schönbrunn

    Girls Only

    Vienna also has places and events created by women for women.


    The Flinte has been an iconic café since 1977, organized on an association basis by a feminist collective.


    Gugg is a café and the community centre of the HOSI Vienna.


    The PiNKED women's clubbing sessions have built a dedicated fan base over several years.


    If you fancy some shopping while you are in the city, here are some tips:

    Bookstore Löwenherz

    Visit the gay and lesbian book store Löwenherz, located in Vienna's 9th district, and browse through thousands of books, magazines, and DVDs.


    At ChickLit, you'll find feminist and queer-feminist theory and belletristic, novels, children's books, graphic novels, and much more.

    Golden Quarter

    Visit one of the most exclusive shopping areas in the heart of Vienna's 1st district. The "Golden Quarter" has all the big names: Prada, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Emporio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Alexander McQueen, and many more.

    Only for men

    Fashion-conscious men will love fashion, Paul Vienna, Amicis Men, Slowear, Stricly Herrmann, rotknopf and Arnold's.

    Find more information about LGBTQ shopping here.


    Combine the most famous sights with some gay history of Vienna

    Upper Belvedere

    Belvedere Palace

    Pay a visit to the summer residence of one of the first and most important gays in Austrian history: Prince Eugene of Savoy (1663-1736). After being refused to join the troops of French King Louis XIV, the Prince decided to shock the Court of Versailles by putting on women's clothes together with his friend, the Duke of Turenne.

    After a much more warm-hearted welcome at the Imperial Court in Vienna, the art-loving Prince served under three emperors and won triumphant battles in the rescue of Vienna. He had a lasting influence not only on politics but also on the art and cultural history of Austria. His buildings and art collection made him one of the most important patrons of his time.

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    Karlskirche in vienna in summer

    Karlskirche | St. Charles' Church

    The biggest Baroque church in Vienna is named after another gay historical figure: Emperor Karl VI (1685-1740). He is the founder of Karlskirche, which is dedicated to St. Charles Borrome, and the father of one of Austria's most famous monarchs, Maria Theresia. There was a rumour, that he had an intimate relationship with Count Michael Johann III Althan. When Althan died in 1722, the mourning monarch wrote that his friend had loved him in true friendship for 19 years.

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     / Schubert’s Place of Death

    Kettenbrückengasse 6

    The composer Franz Schubert (1797-1828) lived in this building for several years, and died here as well, supposedly after his only sexual encounter with a woman, where he got infected with Syphilis. "Franzl" shared his studio and bed with the well-known homosexual librettist Johann Baptist Mayerhofer for more than two years. Their feelings are reflected in several of Mayerhofer's librettos for Schubert's compositions.

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    Vienna State Opera / Staatsoper Wien

    Vienna State Opera

    One of the most famous buildings in world was built by the architects Eduard van der Nüll (1812-1868) and August Sicard von Sicardsburg (1813-1868), who were partners in business and in life. Their relationship found a tragic end, when van der Nüll, who always was on the depressive side, committed suicide over public criticism of the opera house. When they started planning, the level of the Ringstrasse boulevard had not been set, but was later raised by one meter, which led to the optical effect on the State Opera not being favorable: It still looks like as if it has sunk into the ground. Siccardsburg died only ten weeks after his partner, apparently of a "broken heart".

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    Sporty LGBTQ Events

    Vienna is going to host the EuroGames from 24-27 July 2024. It is the largest multi-sport event in Europe, under the patronage of the EGLSF (European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation). The games are open to everyone interested in participating, regardless of gender, age, race, gender identity or sexual orientation. The sporting venues already set are the Old and New Danube, where the rowing, sailing, stand-up paddle boarding and wakeboarding competitions will be held.

    The Vienna Dance Contest is an Equality same-sex dance sport competition, where women dance with women and men dance with men, but even more than that. They include self-identifying female and male as well as non-binary competitors.

    Learn more about queer sports in Vienna here.

    Your Wedding in Vienna

    Say "I do" in one of the most beautiful cities in the world

    In Austria, registered partnerships have been legal since 2010, and same-sex marriage since 2019.

    Both ceremonies can take place in some of the most beautiful locations of the city: for example at Schönbrunn Palace, the Imperial Palace, Albertina museum, the Kunst Haus Wien, and even during a ride on the Giant Ferris Wheel.

    And you don't have to live in Vienna to tie the knot here. If you are not a local, get in touch with the department for tourist weddings by email (requested details: full name, preferred wedding date or partnership ceremony, country of birth, nationality, home address and civil status).

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    Additional Information

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      HOSI Vienna HOSI Vienna

      HOSI Vienna was founded in 1979, and is Austria's oldest and most important lesbian and gay organisation. They support gay and lesbians, especially young ones, during their coming-out process, as well as in cases of discrimination.

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