Find the recipe for the Austrian Carnival Doughnuts here

    Österreich Werbung / Sonja Burtscher

    Faschingskrapfen - Austrian Doughnuts

    Learn how to bake an Austrian carnival classic: the jam-filled, sugar-dusted Krapfen, a variation on doughnuts.

    How to make them:

    For the pre-dough, mix yeast, milk, and all-purpose flour together and wrap with plastic. Proof for about 1-2 hours at room temperature.
    Cream yolks, eggs, sugar, rum, vanilla bean, and lemon zest. Mix pre-dough with egg mixture and the remaining flour. Start mixing at medium speed with hook attachment. Halfway through the mixing process, add butter and salt, mix to a smooth dough for 4-5 minutes.
    Measure to 50 g pieces, shape into balls, press flat, place on flour-dusted towel, and proof. Cover with flour dusted towels and proof for about 1-2 hours. They should almost double in size.
    Fry in hot canola oil for 3 minutes in a covered pan, flip them, and fry for 3 more minutes. Once golden brown, cool them down on a rack, squeeze apricot jam inside, and dust with icing sugar.