Hot Spiced Punch

    Austrian National Tourist Office / Harald Eisenberger

    Hot Spiced Punch

    This warming drink is absolutely ideal for cosy winter evenings in a hut, is easy to make, and tastes absolutely delicious.

    How to make it:

    Squeeze the oranges and lemons and gently warm the juice in a large pan together with the sugar and red wine. Then add the spices and the rum and let the mixture simmer for a while. Add the hibiscus tea and black tea and brew the mixture together. You'll need wait a while for the flavours to infuse together over a low heat.

    Tip: As with Glühwein, the punch should only be warmed and not boiled, so as not to vaporise the alcohol or lose its flavour.

    If you can't get your hands on punch spices, you can make your own mixture here. One packet of punch spices is equivalent to approximately 1 helping of this fresh mixture:

    Punch spice mixture

    Roughly chop the cinammon stick, and mix all the ingredients together before adding to the punch.