Apfelspalten (Fried Apple Slices)

    A beloved warm dessert (or even main course) in Eastern Austria

    How to make it:

    Step 1:

    Combine flour, eggs, milk and a pinch of salt to make the batter

    Step 2:

    Remove the core of the apples and cut the apples in 1.5 cm (0.6 inches) thick rounds. Dip the slices in the batter

    Step 3:

    Dip the slices in the batter

    Step 4:

    Fry the apple slices in plenty of hot oil, remove once they are golden brown.

    Step 5:

    Place the baked apple slices on paper towels to absorb some of the fat.

    Step 6:

    Sprinkle cinnamon and powdered sugar on top and serve with vanilla sauce (with an optional splash of rum)