• Aerial view of Klagenfurt


    Klagenfurt is ideally located on Lake Wörthersee, one of Europe’s largest and warmest Alpine lakes. The city’s Mediterranean climate ensures pleasant summer days, sunny winters, colourful autumns, and mild springs.

    Klagenfurt in the southern part of Austria is a city of leisure and culture. Located on the eastern bank of Lake Wörthersee, Carinthia's capital makes a wonderful destination thanks to its cultural treasures and nearby mountains. In Klagenfurt, you don’t have to decide between culture, adventure, or relaxation - you can have it all!

    Must-Sees in Klagenfurt

    Shaped by Italian architects, Klagenfurt is sometimes called the "Renaissance Gem". Today, the 800-year-old town features perfectly restored palaces, courtyards and squares. One of them is New Square (Neuer Platz), with the Lindworm Fountain in its centre. A large number of museums provide insight into Carinthia's history and culture, like the Museum of Modern Art, The Provincial Museum, the Wappensaal (Coat of Arms Hall) and the Landhaus Gallery.

    About Klagenfurt

    The small town has one of Austria's most historic centres and was awarded the prestigious Europa Nostra Diploma three times for its lovingly restored arcaded Renaissance courtyards, which today accommodate modern boutiques, trendy bars, and authentic beer gardens.

    Klagenfurt's ease and zest for life can without a doubt be attributed to the city's Mediterranean influence. At the Benedictine farmers’ market, traders from all over Carinthia, the Italian Friuli region, and Slovenia gather to sell vegetables, cheeses, wines and herbs - a true declaration of love to the Alps-Adriatic region.

    Top Highlights in Klagenfurt

    •                         Klagenfurt’s Lindwurm

      The Lindwurm Fountain

      According to legend, back in the days a lindworm haunted the moorlands between the Wörthersee Lake and the river Drau. Brave servants managed to overcome the beast.
      Learn more about the Lindwurm legend
    •                         Armorial Hall in the Landhaus, cultural highlights Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

      Coat-of-Arms Hall at the Landhaus

      The large hall comprises 665 coat of arms, designed for countless princes and aristocratic families, and created by Josef Ferdinand Fromiller, a Carinthian baroque painter.
      Learn more about the Coat-of-Arms hall
    •                         Carinthian Museum of Modern Art, Klagenfurt am Wörthersee / Museum Moderner Kunst Kärnten

      Museum of Modern Arts

      Meet modern and contemporary art in an exhibition space of 1000 m2. Enjoy individual and thematic exhibitions of young, national and international artists.
      The Museum of Modern Art
    •                         Minimundus


      Around the world in one day! Walk from the Taj Mahal to the Eiffel Tower, and from the Great Wall of China to the Basilica of St. Peter in the miniature world at Lake Wörthersee.
      Around the world in just one day
    •                         Klagenfurt Pyramidenkogel

      Pyramidenkogel Viewing Tower

      The world's highest wooden viewing tower (100 metres / 328 ft) near Klagenfurt offers amazing panoramas of Lake Wörthersee and beyond.
      See Carinthia from above
    •                         Castle Hochosterwitz / Castle Hochosterwitz

      Hochosterwitz Castle

      The impressive medieval fortress makes a great day trip. Explore its 14 fortified gates and interiors and enjoy the views.
      Check out Hochosterwitz Castle

    Explore Klagenfurt's Lifestyle

    Kreuzbergl in Klagenfurt with view of the Zillhöhe

    One of the warmest Alpine lakes

    Lake Wörthersee

    The largest lake in Carinthia offers everything you can think of in regards to water sports in a beautiful landscape, surrounded by mountain peaks - from water skiing to wakeboarding, from SUP paddling to sailing, diving, and much more. Hikers and bikers will find themselves in a paradise of paths and trails, there is also a golf course, and plenty of options to take yoga classes - or you could just enjoy the sun on one of the many beaches. In Winter the lake turns into one of Austria's largest natural ice rinks.

    Facts about the lake:

    • Max temp 28°C (82°F)
    • Length 16.4 km (10.1 ms) | Width 2 km (1,2 ms)
    • Surface area 19.4 m2 (204 ft2)
    • Avg depth 42 m (138 ft) | Max depth 84.6 m (278 ft)
    Learn more about the Wörthersee Region