• Hiking in the summer / St. Anton am Arlberg
      Three Days of Scenic Hikes in Arlberg

    Day 1 - St. Anton am Arlberg

    Konstanzer Hut Hike

    This hike takes you from Hotel Mooserkreuz through the beautiful Verwalltal valley to one of St. Anton’s most picturesque mountain huts.

    Distance: 8 miles (12.8 km)
    Time: 4 hours
    Elevation gain: 1,410 feet (430 m)

    Begin your hike at the southern end of St. Anton by Hotel Mooserkreuz. You’ll follow the Verwallweg, which briefly turns into the Way of Saint James. You’ll be led into the Rosanna gorge and walk alongside the Rosanna river for the remainder of the hike. About mid-way, the mystical Verwallsee lake waits for you between the mountains. Walk along its western bank and continue down through the valley until you hit the Konstanzer Hut. It sits next to impressive peaks that give the spot a rugged atmosphere and provide a rewarding panorama. Sit down on the benches outside and treat yourself to a hearty meal. After resting your legs, walk back along the Rosanna until you reach Salzhütte hut from where you take the hiking bus back to St. Anton.

    Foodie tip: Konstanzer Hütte


    Moostal Valley Hike

    A strenuous, but rewarding hike takes you around the mountains of St. Anton for 6 whole hours. Don't underestimate the elevation gain on this sporty route!

    Distance: 12 miles (19.5 km)
    Time: 6 hours
    Elevation gain: 3,080 feet (939 m)

    From St. Anton, head west to the Rendlbahn cable car and then cross the pedestrian bridge to follow the signs for “Moostalweg.” This route will take you past the Bifang-Alm on Trail 32. After the dam wall, head left and climb the steep road up to the entrance to the Moostal road. From here, follow the signs to the Rendl mountain station (Rendl- Bergstation). This is where the Alpenrosenweg begins, so follow the signposts up in the direction of Rendlalm. There is an option to climb up the Zwölferkopf mountain by way of the Alpenrosenweg. For your descent from the Rendlalm alp, head east on the road until the fork with the hiking trail in the direction of St. Anton. Follow this trail for about 20 minutes. When you hit the road, head west in the direction of St. Anton until the next fork. Make a right, down through the woods to St. Anton. 

    Day 2 - St. Anton am Arlberg and Lech Zürs

    Mutspuren Circular Trail

    Learn about the region’s fabled history while exploring Galzig mountain, one of Arlberg’s most iconic elevations. 

    Distance: 3.1 miles (5 km)
    Time: 2 hours
    Elevation gain: 656 feet (200 m)

    From St. Anton’s town centre, take the Galzigbahn cable car up onto the mountain. Trail number 23 begins right by the station at 6,840 feet (2,085 m) and features interactive installations that are fun for all ages. Learn about the region, the fauna and flora, and get your feet wet at a mini natural water park by an Alpine lake. When it comes to views, the Mutspuren Trail is particularly blessed. Because it leads along the back of Galzig mountain, you get a 360-degree panorama of the stunning ridges that surround St. Anton. Once you’ve completed the gentle loop, just take the cable car back down into the village.


    Flirsch - Mösli - Ganatschalm - Gsellaplon Hike

    Distance: 9.5 miles (15.3 km)
    Time: 5 hours
    Elevation gain: 3,080 feet (813 m)

    Starting from the church in St. Anton, head east along Dorfstraße street until the entrance to the highway. Continue east to the fork, where you make a right over the Rosanna. Follow the roadway Alpe Gampernun (Trail 11) up to the first turn, then continue on the steep trail No. 10 in the direction of Mösli (biotope, conservation area), a marshy plateau with a small pond. A marked climb (Trail 13) continues to the Ganatschalm alp. Just after the Alpine pasture, turn off onto Trail No. 13A and follow this route to the next junction. There, take Trail 12 on to Flirsch.

    Körbersee Lake Hike

    This hike takes you from the picturesque village of Lech to a placid lake in the middle of the mountains. Körbersee lake was voted Austria’s most beautiful place in 2017.

    Distance: 5.6 miles (9 km)
    Time: 2.5 hours
    Elevation gain: 1,112 feet (339 m)

    Directly from the Lech post office, take the free hiking bus towards Oberlech. Get off at the “Schlössle” stations and follow the asphalt road to the right uphill to the viewpoint "Tannegg". From here, a forest path leads you downhill towards the right to a barbecue area. Next up is a wooden bridge to the other side and a path steadily uphill to the Gaisbühelalpe. After crossing colourful mountain meadows with extensive chive fields, you make your way towards the Auenfeldsattel saddle. Here you branch left into the wide Alpweg trail and reach the Unteren Auenfeldalpe. Buy homemade cheese and wonderfully aromatic homemade butter, then continue on the Alpweg on the left, through the Auenfeld out of the valley until a narrow path branches off towards Körbersee lake. Follow the downturn to the shore of the lake where you can bathe in the water on very hot days. Once you've feasted on the stunning sight of Körbersee lake, the free hiking bus will bring you back to Lech safely!

    Foodie tip: Der Wolf


    Formarinsee Lake Hike

    One of Austria's most beautiful spots is the Formarinsee lake in the mountains behind Lech and Zürs. Its aquamarine waters shimmer in the sun and just beyond, ancient fossils can be found in the rocks.

    Distance: 5 miles (8.2 km)
    Time: 3.5 hours
    Elevation gain: 1,148 feet (350 m)

    Directly from the post office hiking starting point in Lech, take the hiking bus towards Formarinsee lake. After driving through the naturally stunning Zugertal valley, get off at the station. Follow the road back to Alpe Formarin. After the alp, a meadow path branches off to the right, which leads you past a monument dedicated to ibex over to the Alpine pastures. At the next fork in the road, follow the marked path uphill to the right. After the ascent, you will find a small coral reef in the rock, the harbinger of the "Steinernes Meer" or sea of stone. We continue along the path and the marked excavation sites throughout the karst area. At the next fork in the road, take the path to the right and stay on it until you come to charming Freiburger hut. Here, you can stop and enjoy the view over Formarinsee lake. From here you can either follow the Alpweg on the left around the lake or take the shorter, narrow hiking trail on the right. Please only opt for this path if you're an experienced hiker and can tolerate some heights!

    Day 3 - Lech Zürs

    The Green Ring

    The Green Ring is one of Arlberg’s signature hikes. The whole loop totals 17.7 miles (28.5 km) so you likely won’t complete it in one day. Depending on your energy levels, we recommend either one (or both!) of the first two legs.

    First Leg

    Distance: 4.5 miles (7.2 km)
    Time: 2.45 hours
    Elevation gain: 538 feet (164 m)

    Begin your hike in the heart of Lech, at the Rüfikopfbahn cable car. Take it up to 7,709-foot (2,350 m) Rüfikopf mountain where the trail begins. Leave a note at the trail book where Green Ring hikers document their visit. Follow the Geoweg Rüfikopf trail downhill and discover the origins of the Rüfikopf massif. Soon, you will hit scenic Monzabonsee lake, and Monzabonalm, a gentle green alp. Towards the end of the hike you encounter the Hüttenbibliothek library, a small wooden hut filled with books - take a moment to lie down and read in the grass. Cross Pazüelbach stream and continue along the wide alpine path, past the Trittkopf cable car station, all the way downhill to Zürs am Arlberg. From Zürs, take the hiking bus back to Lech, or continue on to the second leg of the Green Ring trail.

    Foodie tip: Hus Nr. 8


    Second Leg

    Distance: 6.3 miles (10.2 km)
    Time: 5 hours

    Elevation gain: 2,713 feet (827 m)

    From the town centre of Zürs, walk to Güterweg trail and follow the steep serpentine twists up to Zürsersee lake (if you’d like to skip this part, take the cable car to the lake). The lake gleams almost turquoise between the mountains and invites you to walk on the wooden dock that leads to its centre. Continue uphill to Taurin’s cave, then to the site of the former ancient glacier village Madoch, and to the tallest point of the Madljoch summit. Enter yourself in the logbook and continue down a narrow path to the pass between the Stierlochkopf and the Zuger Mittagsspitze where you’ll find the bivouac (it’s available to rent). Next you encounter Taurin the Giant, a wooden sculpture suspended over the edge of a cliff. Keep right and turn left shortly afterwards to the Lechweg trail. Choose between taking a short detour to a waterfall and barbecue site, or stay on the trail and walk past the fish pond until you reach the town of Zug. From Zug, take the hiking bus back to your starting point! 


    Stuttgarter Hut Hike

    This gentle hike takes you from Lech's Rüfikopf mountain to the cosy Stuttgarter Hut, which offers refuge and food to hungry hikers. The best part? There is minimal elevation gain and many stretches slope downhill.

    Distance: 6.3 miles (10.2 km)
    Time: 4 hours
    Elevation gain: 1,223 feet (373 m)

    Begin your hike by taking the Rüfikopf cable car to the soaring top of the iconic mountain behind Lech. From there, follow the alp's walking path downhill to a signpost and turn left to make your ascent to the mountain saddle. The descent towards "Ochsengümpel" is steep until you make a right turn and hit another fork in the road. Make a second right towards Stuttgarter hut, where you can take a load off and re-energize with drinks and local dishes perfect for an active day outside. Next, walk downhill towards the little creek that snakes through the mountains and towards Pazieltal valley. Your final stretch takes you to Trittalpe alp and to the village of Zürs from where the free hiking bus departs back to Lech. Don't miss the beautiful village church in Zürs before you leave!

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