• Aussenaufnahme Mozarthaus / Mozarthaus Wien
      Highlights of Mozarthaus Vienna

    Dive into the life of one of the greatest classical composers of all time at the place he created some of his most famous works ♪

    • About Mozarthaus Vienna

      • Location: Domgasse 5, Innere Stadt (1st district), Vienna
      • Hours: Tue – Sun, 10 am – 6 pm
      • Established: 2006 – the year of Mozart's 250th birthday
      • Significance: The only still remaining of Mozart's apartment buildings in Vienna, where he composed some of his most famous pieces of music
    • Highlights

      • See the only remaining of Mozart's apartments and follow in the footsteps of his and his family
      • Get to know Mozart from a personal angle and learn about his social life in 18th-century Vienna
      • Learn about his creative career and some of his most significant works

    1. Explore Mozart’s largest, most elegant, and most expensive apartment

    Just steps away from St. Stephen’s Cathedral, in a small cobblestone street of the old city, sits the historic apartment building that became one of the most significant places in the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The famous composer and his family lived there from 1784 to 1787, during which time he created some of his finest masterpieces. Within his 10 years in Vienna, Mozart moved 13 times, with the building at Domgasse No 5 being the only remaining of his 13 residences in Vienna.

    The 10,700 square feet apartment (1,000 square metres) consists of four large rooms, two small ones, and a kitchen, making it the largest, most elegant, and most expensive apartment ever housed by Mozart. Some of the rooms have original stucco ceilings and wall paintings that portray how the apartment must have been decorated in Mozart’s time. Follow in the footsteps of Mozart and his family and take a comprehensive tour through the composer’s life and the era.

    2. Learn about Mozart’s life in the 18th century

    The museum’s three floors focus on the great composer’s years in Vienna. You will learn about his life in 18th-century society, the places where he performed, as well as the fashion, literature and science of the time. And you will get deep insight into his social life and hear some not-too-well-known stories, including his friends and foes, his affiliation with the freemasons, his womanizing, gambling, and his habit of squandering large amounts of money.

    3. Discover Mozart’s musical achievements

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed a total of 626 works, even though he only lived to the age of 35 – a concise life even back then. He was living right in these chambers of today’s Mozarthaus when he reached the peak of his creative career. It was here that he wrote the world-famous opera, “The Marriage of Figaro”, and three of the six Haydn Quartets.

    A highlight in the museum is a magnificent musical clock made around 1790, which plays a variation of the “Andante for a cylinder in a small organ” (KV 616) that Mozart is believed to have composed specifically for the clock. At the innovatively curated museum, you will also find a holographic performance of “The Magic Flute” and a media installation of the “Figaro Parallelo”, providing an overview of Figaro productions from leading international opera houses and the different approaches by directors. Mozart’s “Requiem” and the end of his life here in Vienna are also addressed in the museum’s extensive exhibition.

    • Combined Ticket

      One ticket - Two museums

      Buy a combined ticket for the Mozarthaus Vienna and the Haus der Musik (house of music), just a few 10-minute walk away. The ticket gets you into both institutions for a reduced price.

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    • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

      One of the greatest composers of all times

      Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on the 27th of January in 1756 in Salzburg and was already considered a wunderkind.

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