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    Music is in the Air: 9 Open-Air Music Events

    Let’s go on a walk through Vienna and search for concerts in little known places, such as courtyards, parks, palace gardens and churches, which are not always part of the major concert programs.

    1. Summer Rhapsody at the Liechtenstein Garden Palace in the Fürstengasse at Wiener Alsergrund

    „Last summer, with the Summer Rhapsody, we were able to realise a project close to our hearts. The success of this event series and the enthusiasm of the audience convinced us to continue this unique project. The area around the Garden Palace becomes more lively during the festival. First and foremost, though, we are happy that we can support and create culture during these challenging times.” emphasises S.D. Prinz Constantin von und zu Liechtenstein.

    From July 19 to August 18, the Summer Rhapsody again features a roster of national and international artists who will perform in the garden of the Liechtenstein family’s summer palace. A relaxed, summery and intimate atmosphere under the trees and in front of the Baroque facade of the palace guarantees the ultimate music enjoyment during summer in Vienna.

    2. Streetlife at the Vienna Freihausviertel

    People watching, enjoyment, live music, culinary highlights, flea markets and many small Viennese cultural delights can be experienced during the Streetlife Festival at the Freihausviertel near the Vienna Naschmarkt.

    3. Summerstage

    Vienna's ideal location at the Danube Canal made it possible for a vibrant event scene to establish itself right next to the Canal. Open-air concerts, culinary miles and sports events such as Beach Volleyball Tournaments and more attract a predominantly young audience on mellow summer evenings.

    4. Volksgarten Club Disco

    The Club Disco at the Volksgarten Is one of the absolute top spots of Vienna’s inner city because of its architecture and location. After all, the posh meeting place for disco lovers lies in the heart of the snug Volksgarten, which boasts an almost 200-year long history as the city’s first public park.

    5. Wienerlied and Heurigenlied

    If you want to take a deep dive into Vienna’s music culture, take a tour through the wine taverns in Grinzing, Neustift am Walde or Nussdorf. Almost all wine taverns, or Heurige, which are located in these romantic villages in Vienna’s wine region, offer live music performed by Heurigen musicians who continue the tradition of a legendary Viennese folk-music quartet from the 19th century, the Schrammeln.

    6. Vienna Music Film Festival at the City Hall Square

    Summer in Vienna without a stop at the large square in front of the Vienna City Hall with its Music Film Festival is unimaginable. The programme presented on the gigantic screen ranges from classical opera performances to concerts of Austropop stars.

    7. Summer Night Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

    A highlight among the big Open-Air events in Vienna is the gigantic annual Summer Night Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra amid the magnificent setting of Schönbrunn Palace and its gardens.

    8. Concerts in Vienna’s Churches

    Unique among Vienna’s concert scene are the church and chapel concerts. Karlskirche, Peterskirche, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and many other religious buildings offer perfect acoustics, which attracts music legends big and small and guarantees memorable sound experiences.

    9. Courtyard Concerts in the Josefstadt – Sound of Josefstadt

    A walk through the inner courtyards of Vienna’s eighth district, the Josefstadt, is definitely worth its while. Also, it is highly likely that you’ll stumble across a courtyard concert and experience some genuinely Viennese music. During the summer months, several of the passages and courtyards in the Josefstadt double as venues for small, intimate concerts. The programme is posted on community boards in the district and on social media. The courtyard concerts in the Josefstadt are an insider tip you should definitely try to follow up on once you arrive in this traditional Viennese district.

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