• Restaurant Labstelle / Vienna

    Experience Vienna. Savour the extraordinary.

    From schnitzel to vegetarian star cuisine to the typical Beisl: In Vienna, guests can still eat well at midnight, indulge in regional specialties at brunch and enjoy a top menu at (almost) any time.

    Imposing on the table

    Restaurant Labstelle / Vienna

    If you are looking for the aromas and flavours of Viennese cuisine, you will find them in Viennese Beisln, inns, restaurants and coffee houses. Surrounded by art, culture and vineyards (with a view of the Danube), the "Heurige" turns out to be a highlight with a glass of wine. Vienna is the only metropolis in the world that has significant viticulture within its city limits.

    Speaking of art: Vienna is a melting pot of different cultures and this inspires chefs to create impressive works of art and bring them to the plate in every hidden corner of the city. In Vienna, timeless and contemporary food culture naturally sit side by side. Whether on wooden benches, coffee house chairs or designer chairs.

    In the kitchen, the artists pay attention to ingredients that come from the region. Farmers bring fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and meat from the fertile Danube region to Vienna's markets and restaurants. These valuable foods are especially coveted by the gourmet chefs and are valued as highly as gold.

    Tasty experiences in Vienna

    •                         Social gathering at a Heurigen

      Wine with a view over Vienna

      Hiking and Viennese wine: On the Nussberg and Kahlenberg, guests enjoy the view, the light breeze and lots of sun.
      Wine hiking to the winery
    •                         Restaurant Labstelle / Vienna

      For true gourmets

      Vienna shines with top restaurants: Tian offers starred vegetarian cuisine, Steirereck 2 stars and Black Camel a lot of history.
      Luxury on the plate
    •                         Geschenkbox Wiener Bezirkshonig

      Honey, Snails & Co

      In Vienna, agriculture is thriving: bees buzz on the roof, snails nibble on lettuce, and figs grow in the outskirts.
      Delicacies from Vienna
    •                 Perlfisch mit Vogerlsalat, Eiszapfen und Kresse

      Modern Viennese Cuisine – experience the extraordinary!

      Vienna is the only city in the world after which a cuisine - "Viennese cuisine" - is named. It is not surprising that Vienna attracts top creative chefs.

      Read more

    Vienna's Culinary Ambassadors

    Holidays in Vienna

    Imperial Palace Hofburg Vienna

    Art, Culture & History

    In Vienna, friends of art and culture waltz between majestic stately buildings and the blue Danube.

    Let's go to Vienna
    • Viennese Schnitzel & Spätzle

      Wiener Schnitzel

      Even today, the typical dish is popular in Austria: Schnitzel with potato salad or parsley potatoes.

    • Café Alt Wien / Café Alt Wien

      Little brown in coffee house

      Even Sigmund Freud was its friend: thanks to its history, Vienna's coffeehouse culture is a world heritage site.

    • Vienna - Danube Canal

      Future meets history

      With its facets ranging from graffiti art on the Danube Canal to impressive stately buildings and the green Prater, Vienna is one of the most extraordinary capitals in the world.

    Accommodation in Vienna

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