Entry Regulations for Austria

    When travelling to Austria, proof of double-vaccination/recovery is required as well as a negative Covid test or a booster jab. Please note that during your stay your vaccination might be valid for a shorter period of time than upon entry. Read everything you need to know below.

    Last update: 26 January

    Entering Austria is now possible for Indian nationals

    A few European countries (e.g.: Spain and Switzerland) have started to issue Schengen tourist visas for Indian nationals travelling from India. Therefore Indian nationals are now able to travel to Austria for holidays after staying 10 days in any safe countries or being double vaccinated with Covishield. The Indian vaccine Covishield is accepted to enter Austria and quarantine is no longer required. Please find below detailed information on travel requirements for travellers entering Austria from any safe country (please check below list of countries without quarantine requirement). Please be sure to check each country's travel warnings in addition to Austrian regulations.

    Latest News

    No more virus variant countries in Austria

    On Monday, 24 January, Austria removed its list of virus variant countries. This means, for everyone arriving from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway the same entry rules apply as for travellers from all other countries. Please check the details here.

    Entry Requirements

    Everyone entering Austria needs to show

    • Proof of full vaccination (2 jabs) OR proof of past infection (the medical document needs to show the date of recovery – (for guests from the UK: an NHS email/text of a positive test is not sufficient) 
    • AND a negative PCR test (valid for 72 hours) OR proof of a booster jab (booster is valid from the first day) 
    • See further details below (What proof is accepted?

    When you need a PCR test

    Please find several scenarios below:

    • 2x vaccinated (or 1x vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson): PCR test mandatory*
    • 3x vaccinated (or 1x vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson plus Booster): no PCR test needed
    • Recovered: PCR test mandatory**
    • Recovered, then 1x vaccinated: PCR test mandatory
    • Recovered, then 2x vaccinated: no PCR test needed
    • Recovered, vaccinated, recovered: no PCR test needed
    • 1x vaccinated, then recovered: PCR test necessary**
    • 1x vaccinated, then recovered, then vaccinated: no PCR test needed
    • 2x vaccinated (or 1x with Johnson & Johnson), then recovered: no PCR test needed

    *) The first dose of Johnson & Johnson is currently still valid to enter Austria. However, during your stay you need a booster jab to gain 2-G status
    **) If you have recently recovered there is an alternative to the PCR test, please check section "Entry with positive PCR test after Covid recovery"

    Rules for Children and Teenagers

    • Children under the age of 12 do not need proof of vaccination/recovery or a PCR test if accompanied by fully vaccinated or recovered adults. 
    • Teenagers (12 or over and born on or after 1 September 2006) who are not yet fully vaccinated can use the first PCR test of their Holiday Ninja Pass to enter Austria. 
    • For teenagers born before 1 September 2006, the "2-G+" rule (proof of full vaccination/recovery AND PCR test OR booster) applies.


    Entry without PCR test or booster jab 

    • You need to show proof of full vaccination/recovery. 
    • Pre-travel-clearance registration is necessary. 
    • You immediately have to self-isolate until you can show a negative PCR test (the test can be taken straight at the airport or at any other test site) 

    Entry without vaccination / recovery 

    • Entry for touristic purposes or business travel is not possible without quarantine, if you cannot meet the “2-G” requirements. 

    Entry with positive PCR test after Covid recovery

    • If you have recently recovered, your PCR test might still turn positive. Therefore, if you have recovered within the past 90 days, you can use a medical certificate (including the date of recovery) as a substitute for the PCR test. Please fill out this form in English if this applies to you.

    Further Exceptions 

    • Pregnant women and those who cannot receive the vaccine for medical reasons can enter by showing a medical certificate AND a PCR test. 
    • Regular commuters can enter by showing proof of vaccination/recovery OR a PCR test (valid for 72 hours) OR a lateral flow test (valid for 24 hours).

    What Proof is Accepted?

    To proof your “2-G” status you can use the NHS Covid app or the EU Covid Pass. Printed versions and medical certificates of vaccination or recovery are also accepted. If your certificate is not in English or German please download this form

    Full Vaccination 

    Attention: The below mentioned validity dates are only valid for ENTRY INTO Austria. From 1 February 2022, two-dose vaccinations are only valid for 180 days when IN Austria (exception: 210 days for under 18 year olds). However, for ENTERING the 270 days remain in place. The booster vaccination is valid for 270 days in both scenarios.

    • Two-dose vaccinations are currently valid for 270 days after the second or any additional dose. There need to be at least 14 days in between the first and second jab and 120 days (from 1 February: 90 days) between the second and third one. 
    • The Johnson & Johnson vaccination is valid for 270 days, 22 days after the first dose. Please note: Since 3 January 2022, you need a booster to gain "2-G" status in Austria if you have only received one Johnson & Johnson dose. For entry only, one dose is currently still accepted.
    • If you are both vaccinated and recovered, the first dose is valid for 270 days. 
    • BioNtech/Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Covishield, Covaxin, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Sinovac, and Sinopharm are valid for ENTERING Austria. 

    Please note: Only BioNtech/Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna are currently recognised for the “2-G” rule when in Austria. 

    Proof of Recovery 

    • Proof of recovery can be used for 180 days to enter Austria. A medical certificate including the date of recovery is needed. Please note if travelling from the UK: An NHS email/text of a positive test is not sufficient.
    • Please also check section "Entry with positive PCR test after Covid recovery"

    COVID Test 

    • The PCR test is valid for 72 hours. The certificate needs to be issued by an official medical authority (such as a test centre or a pharmacy) and include the date and time the test was taken.
    • If you have already received your booster jab, you do not need a PCR test.

    When do you need a Pre-Travel-Clearance?

    • Fully vaccinated and recovered travellers and their accompanying children do NOT need pre-travel clearance (except for virus variant regions up until Sunday, 23 January). 
    • Pre-travel clearance is needed when entering with “2-G” status but without a PCR test or booster.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Austrian National Tourist Office is not an authority and cannot provide any legally binding information.

    In addition to the Austrian entry regulations, please also pay attention to the current rules of your country of origin by checking the official government websites.

    Issue of Visas

    Certain Austrian embassies and consulates are issuing visas; please check directly with the embassy in your country.


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