Entry Regulations for Austria

    Austria is currently in lockdown. Hotels are closed, making tourism virtually impossible. Essential travel (e.g. for business that cannot be delayed) is still possible.

    Strict entry rules are in effect, requiring all travellers to obtain pre-travel clearance. Most travellers need to self-quarantine upon arrival and additionally show a negative COVID test.

    Last update: 30 March


    Essential travel only, quarantine upon arrival

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    Latest News at a Glance

    30 March: Norway is no longer considered a "safe country", i.e. anyone arriving from there needs to quarantine and present a negative COVID test.

    22 March: The landing ban for flights from the UK has ended. The landing ban for flights from South Africa and Brazil has been extended until 4 April.

    Current Rules

    Austria is currently in lockdown. Hotels are closed, making touristic/leisure travel virtually impossible.

    For Austrian citizens and residents of Austria, EU/EEA, Switzerland, and safe countries, the following rules apply:

    Requirement 1: Pre-Travel Clearance - ALL Travellers

    All travellers entering Austria MUST register digitally in advance to obtain a so-called "pre-travel clearance" (PTC). At the border, they will need to show their PTC (either digitally or as a hard copy). All data collected will be deleted 28 days after the traveller has entered Austria.

    Certain exemptions apply.

    Find more information on the new pre-travel clearance here and find the form you need to fill in before travelling here.

    Requirement 2: Negative COVID Test - Travellers from Risk Areas

    People entering Austria from any country except Australia, Iceland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, and the Vatican need to show a negative COVID test (PCR tests no older than 72 hours and antigen tests no older than 48 hours are admissible) in addition to committing to self-quarantine (see below). If you are unable to show a test, you are required to get one within 24 hours of entering Austria.

    Regular cross-border commuters need a negative PCR or antigen test no older than 7 days.

    Within Austria: At the moment, you also need a negative test to leave certain Austrian regions with high Coronavirus numbers (find a German-language list here).

    Requirement 3: Quarantine - Travellers from Risk Areas

    A 10-day self-quarantine is mandatory when arriving from a risk area. Currently, all countries worldwide except Australia, Iceland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, and the Vatican are considered risk areas.


    The only countries considered safe are Australia, Iceland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, and the Vatican. When arriving from these countries (and if you have not been in any other countries in the last 10 days), you do not need to quarantine or show a negative COVID test. Like all travellers, you do need to obtain pre-travel clearance (fill in the form here).

    There are certain other circumstances that also exempt people from the quarantine requirement. These include business travel (proof of business nature of the trip required), travel due to unexpected personal emergencies such as funerals, and transit journeys without stopover.

    Ending Quarantine By Getting Tested

    After 5 days of quarantine at the earliest, you can get a PCR or antigen test. If the test is negative, you do not need to quarantine further. You may leave quarantine for the express purpose of getting tested. You will have to pay for your own test.

    Entry Prohibited - Other Third-Country Nationals

    Entry is prohibited to third-country nationals when arriving from any states except the Schengen area and the countries listed above as safe countries. Exemptions apply.

    Please be aware that due to Brexit, the United Kingdom has become a third country and these rules now apply to residents of the UK. There are exemptions in place for EU nationals, business travel that cannot be delayed, and certain other situations. Please check with the Austrian embassy in London if you have any questions.

    Flights & Landing Bans

    A landing ban for flights from Brazil and South Africa is in effect.

    The above rules and regulations are in effect until further notice. We will update this page with further information as it becomes available.

    Please note: All information presented here has been researched with the utmost care. However, we can provide no guarantee of accuracy.

    Issue of Visas

    Certain Austrian embassies and consulates are issuing visas; please check directly with the embassy in your country.


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