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    Sleeping in a Palace: Fairy-Tale Nights in Historic Buildings

    Lovingly renovated castle and palace hotels combine the charm of historic edifices with contemporary comfort and have guests revel in dreams of bygone eras.

    A Holiday in the Past

    Castles and palaces are an integral part of Austria’s landscape and enchant with their ancient walls, towers and ramparts. Their secret walkways and romantic parks contain riddles about past epochs and are a testament to the long cultural history of our country. Reasons enough to enjoy the special atmosphere during an overnight stay: Austria’s castle hotels offer the opportunity to stay at those revered buildings.

    What Makes a Palace Stay so Relaxing

    A change of scenery stimulates the senses and affords new perspectives. The unusual palace atmosphere does its part to help you escape the daily grind: New impressions, magnificent architecture, and different background sounds help to immerse yourself in a new world. The peace and relative seclusion of most castles and palaces is another welcome factor that contributes to the relaxation of body and mind and will help recharge your batteries. 

    Many of Austria’s palace hotels offer exclusive service and top-notch amenities so that guests can experience the historic setting at the same time as modern luxuries, wellness treatments and award-winning cuisine.

    Interesting Facts about Castle Stays in Austria

    • Which castles and palaces have rooms for overnight stays?

      Indulge in regal slumber: These enchanting properties promise dream-like nights and luxurious accommodations in castles, historic aristocratic residences, and medieval fortresses:


      • Schönbrunn Palace
      • Hotel Schloss Wilhelminenberg


      • Hotel Burg Bernstein
      • Hotel Burg Lockenhaus

      Lower Austria

      • Hotel Schloss Schönau
      • Hotel Schloss Dürnstein

      Upper Austria

      • Burg Clam


      • Hotel Schloss Fuschl
      • Schlosshotel Iglhauser
      • Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron
      • Hotel Schloss Mittersill
      • Hotel Schloss Prielau


      • Schloss Berg Klösterle
      • Hotel Schloss Lerchenhof
      • Hotel Schloss Seefels
      • Seeschlössl Velden


      • Schloss Fuschl
      • Schlosshotel Iglhauser
      • Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron
      • Hotel Schloss Mittersill
      • Hotel Schloss Prielau


      • Hotel Schloss Kapfenstein
      • Schlosshotels Gamlitz
      • Hotel Schloss Pichlarn


      • Hotel Bergschlössl
      • Hotel Schloss Fernsteinsee
      • Jagdschloss Kühtai Resort


      • Schloss Glopper
    • Which palace hotels are located near a lake?


      • Schlosshotel Iglhauser
      • Schloss Fuschl
      • Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron


      • Hotel Schloss Seefels
      • Seeschlössl Velden


      • Hotel Schloss Fernsteinsee
    • Can one stay overnight at Schönbrunn Palace?

      There is one suite at Schönbrunn Palace available for overnight stays. The size of the chambers is worthy of a palace: the suite takes over 167 m² / 1.800 sq-ft of the former summer residence of the Imperial Family.

    Dreaming Amid a World Cultural Heritage Site

    The UNESCO Commission is dedicated to the protection and maintenance of the large variety of cultural expressions worldwide and thus contributes significantly to the conservation of historic treasures.

    •                         Schönbrunn Palace

      Schönbrunn Palace

      Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna is proud to have earned the designation of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. It seems too good to be true, but one can indeed sleep in the 167 square metre suite of the famous Imperial residence.
      Schönbrunn Suite
    •                         Hotel Schloss Dürnstein / Hotel Schloss Dürnstein

      Dürnstein Palace

      Built in the 17th century, Dürnstein Castle in Lower Austria used to belong to various aristocratic dynasties. It is located right on the banks of the Danube, surrounded by the hilly vineyards of the Wachau Valley, which is part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. A romantic getaway, ideally located to explore the picturesque surroundings.
      Hotel Schloss Dürnstein

    A Bed Chamber by the Lake

    These Palace Hotels not only impress with their historic structures but also with their location next to crystal clear rivers and lakes.

    •                         Hotel Schloss Fernsteinsee

      Hotel Schloss Fernsteinsee in Tirol

      Alpine lake views meet princely interiors: guests can choose between a stay in the castle hotel directly or in the adjacent villa.
      Hotel Schloss am Fernsteinsee
    •                         Hotel Schloss Seelfels / Kärnten

      Seefels Castle in Carinthia

      The huge 19th-century residence on Lake Wörthersee was fully renovated in 2022 and boasts luxurious suites and a sauna.
      Hotel Schloss Seefels

    High Altitude Stays and Fresh Mountain Air

    Stay at historic mountain residences with scenic views from century-old chambers.

    •                         Hotel Bergschlössl / St. Anton am Arlberg

      Bergschlössl in Tirol

      The Heights of Gemütlichkeit: right by the valley station of St. Anton’s gondola lies the Hotel Bergschlössl, built in the typical style of Tirolean country architecture.
      Hotel Bergschlössl
    •                         Jagdschloss Kühtai / Kühtai

      Kühtai Hunting Château in Tirol

      Habsburg Heritage in the Alps: follow in the footsteps of the Habsburg family at the Jagdschloss Kühtai Resort, where members of the former imperial family used to take a break from their daily duties.
      Jagdschloss Kühtai Resort

    Magical Nights in Unusual Locations

    •                         Seeschlössl Velden

      Seeschlössl in Carinthia

      At the Hotel Seeschlössl, guests can find ultimate relaxation in the cosy rooms and at the 7000 m² / 1,7-acre large park along Lake Wörthersee.
      Seeschlössl Hotel Velden
    •                         Schloss Schönau / Niederösterreich

      Schönau Castle in Lower Austria

      Here is a fascinating detail about Schloss Schönau: Underneath the hunting palace lies a complex system of underground labyrinths and caves. 
      Hotel Schloss Schönau
    •                         Umgang Bregenzerwald

      Hotel Hirschen Schwarzenberg in Vorarlberg

      Not exactly a castle or palace, but equally enchanting, the Hotel Hirschen Schwarzenberg.
      Hotel Hirschen Schwarzenberg

    Overnight Stays for the Discerning Gourmet

    •                         Gailtal Valley - Schloss Lerchenhof

      Lerchenhof Palace in Carinthia

      A Hotel Restaurant at one with nature: the slow-food philosophy of the Lerchenhof Palace in Carinthia is based on local ingredients and resources from the immediate surroundings. The palace is surrounded by organically farmed fields; grains are ground at the property’s own mill and baked into crispy bread, which is available every morning at breakfast.  Children can explore the farm while grown-ups can recharge their batteries on the Kneipp Path by the brook. The palace is built in the Biedermeier style and reflects the inviting simplicity that was so characteristic of this era: You can feel the calm resulting from a life lived in sync with nature. 
      Schloss Lerchenhof
    •                         Kapfenstein Castle of the Winkler-Hermaden Family

      Schloss Kapfenstein in Styria

      A wine lover’s paradise in Styria: Find ecologically produced wine and tours through the cellars along with a panoramic view stretching to Hungary and Slovenia.
      Schloss Kapfenstein
    •                         Burg Bernstein, Gesamtansicht / Bernstein castle

      Bernstein Castle in Burgenland

      Burgenland province is renowned for its excellent crop of wines: Bernstein Castle, a thousand-year-old fortress, is the perfect place for a toast.
      Schloss Bernstein

    Where Knights, Monks and Countesses Used to Live

    The well-preserved items of furniture, wall frescoes, artworks and even weapons and porcelain collections make it possible to get a glimpse of life in different eras. What was daily life like for the maids, court jesters, bishops and aristocrats who lived back then? Let your imagination roam free.

    •                         Clam Castle exterior view

      Clam Castle in Upper Austria

      Whether sleeping in an old bower, attending a concert or enjoying an exclusive tour by the castle lord himself, Clam Castle always has a new surprise in store.
      Burg Clam
    •                         Schloss Berg Klösterle

      Schloss Berg Klösterle in Carinthia

      The spirituality of the location was already valued by the Carmelites and Capuchin monks. Today, guests enjoy the comfortable interiors and the location off the beaten path.
      Schloss Berg Klösterle

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