• farm Schmetterlingshof, SalzburgerLand

    Culinary souvenirs from Austria

    “I brought you a little something!”: this is certainly music to the ears of those who stayed home. A little something from the place where your gaze took in the spectacular mountains, where your nose was filled with heavenly fragrances and life felt so light. A good souvenir combines three things: it’s not too big, it reminds you of where you spent your holidays, and you would even enjoy receiving it yourself. Here are some of the best edible souvenirs from Austria.

    A taste of cheese from Austria

    Austria’s cheesemakers bring a great deal of experience and patience to their work. Which means you can eat your way through a broad assortment of cheese in Austria, learning about its history and catching a bit of the country’s passion for cheese in the process.

    One of these cheesemakers is the Ganahl family in Vorarlberg’s Montafon region. The milk they produce on their mountain farm is turned into the regional “Sura Kees” (sour cheese), which 30 years ago was still known as the “poor man’s cheese”, right at the farm’s own dairy. Today, it is back and wins cheese lovers over with its tangy flavour. It tastes just as great at the farm as it does at home!


    Cheese culture in Vorarlberg
    mountain farm Ganahl, Vorarlberg

    Nothing as nice as rice

    “Rice from Austria? How unusual! Mmmm, that’s good!”: bring back some Austrian rice for your friends and family and treat them to an aha moment and an extraordinary taste experience.

    The spelt rice from the Schmetterlingshof organic seminar farm, located only 25 kilometres north of the city of Salzburg, is produced sustainably. It is planted and cultivated by hand, resulting in a high degree of biodiversity in the fields.

    Quality control at Schmetterlingshof is seen to by owner Franz Höfer’s two sons – you can depend on it.

    To the Höfer family’s Schmetterlingshof farm
    farm Schmetterlingshof, SalzburgerLand

    Raising your glass to Austria

    •                     vineyard Schober, Lower Austria

      Wine with history

      Pay a visit: most winegrowing families are happy to tell visitors more about the region and their wine – like the Schober family from Lower Austria.
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    •                     fruit farm Schneeflock, Styria

      No alcohol, plenty of flavour

      Styrian apples in their purest form: the Schneeflock family operates a fruit farm in Styria. Like many other fruit farmers, they turn their harvest into delectable juices. 
      Fruit farms in Styria
    •                     Höllhuber's Cider, Lower Austria

      Must and cider

      In Upper Austria, the Höllhubers swirl apple must and cider in their wine glass. Sample your way through Austria’s wide variety of beverages.
      Try apple must and cider

    Unusual gifts from Austria

    • bonbon factory "Zuckerlwerkstatt" Vienna
    • Flachgauer Biopilze, organic mushrooms, SalzburgerLand
    • jam from Connys Frucht, Burgenland
    • trout farming Marzi, Carinthia

    Souvenirs from Austria: the classics

    •                     farm "Russhof", Styria

      Pumpkin seed oil: the green gold

      In Styria, people put pumpkin seed oil on salads, scrambled eggs, and sometimes even on vanilla ice cream. Give friends and family a taste of the region!
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    •                     organic butchery Juffinger, Tyrol

      Sausage, ham, and bacon

      Smoked sausage, slow-aged ham, or a jar of delicate pâté: when it comes to stomach-filling souvenirs, Austrian meat specialities are unbeatable.
      For meat lovers
    •                     apricots farm Marillenhof Hackl, Lower Austria

      Juicy apricots

      The Lower Austrians turn their favourite fruit into a variety of delicious treats. Liqueur and jam are just two ways of giving the gift of summer.
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    •                 Fairkocht in der Schtubacht Küche