• hiking in forest near lake Hallstatt

    Austria's Forests

    Spending time in the forest means slowing down, becoming calmer. A walk between trees, moss, ferns, and herbs can revive our spirits.

    •                 in the forest
    •                     Hagebutte

      Five Lung Health Boosters from the Forest

      Forest herbs for lung health: We take a closer look at lungwort, cowslip, and wild thyme.
      Learn more about these natural medicines
    •                     Monastery Pernegg in springtime in lower austria

      The Strength of Silence: Holidays at Pernegg Abbey

      Silence allows us to reflect, to lose ourselves completely, and return to what really matters. Pernegg Abbey is a place where you can slow down.
      To the silence of the abbey
    •                     Pharmacist Dr. Angelika Riffel

      365 Days of Forest Pharmacy

      The forest and its flora offer a multitude of wonderful herbal remedies. Learn more about the healing properties of different herbs.
      To the forest pharmacy
    •                     Ayurveda Resort MANDIRA, Yoga Terrace Stargate

      The Best Places to Stargaze

      Picnic under the stars, star gardens, star huts. Be bedazzled by the night sky at these places where stargazing becomes a true experience.
      To the stars!
    •                     National Park Hohe Tauern - Weisssee / Weisssee Glacier world

      National Parks in Austria

      Austria's six national parks offer visitors the chance to discover nature in its original, untouched state and to come face to face with scenic beauty.
      Find your favourite
    •                     Bivouac under the stars

      5 Ways to Practice Mindfulness in Austria

      Take a walk over fields and through forests, swim in crystal clear lakes, or see more stars than ever before under a brilliant night sky. Here are five ways to practice mindfulness in Austria’s nature.
      Take a break
    •                     Hiking at the Green Lake in Styria

      Austria’s Prettiest Places, According to Austrians

      Find out about the magical places chosen by Austrians as the country’s most beautiful spots.
      Where are the top spots?