• Organic Greilhof in Salzburg's Lungau region

    Philip Wind: organic farmer in Salzburg’s Lungau

    When Philip Wind gets something into his head, he also puts it into action. Whether it's scaling sheer cliffs as an extreme climber or in his job as an organic farmer and master butcher. He not only lives and works at the Greilhof, in Salzburg’s Lungau region, but also loves sharing his knowledge about this with his customers at the market.

    At the farmers’ market

    The sun is just starting to rise and the air in the city of Salzburg is still cold and crisp when Philip Wind sets up his stand at the market by the Andrä church. Right across from Mirabell Palace, the passionate organic farmer sells meat products from his own farm and from other organic farmers in Lungau. Philip Wind is blond, in his mid-thirties, and thoroughly fit—someone who practises extreme sports and has always known what he wants.

    “Even as a child, I knew that I one day wanted to take over the Greilhof from my parents, because I am a passionate farmer and master butcher, and I also love sharing my knowledge about this with my customers at the farmers’ market.” 

    Organic Greilhof market stall in Salzburg
    Philip Wind

    Where does the organic meat come from?

    For Philip Wind, it is a matter of course to regularly set up shop at the Salzburg market: “Only here do I find out what my customers really think and what is important to them,” says the dedicated farmer. “For example, they want to know where the animals grow up and what they are fed. This is also the reason why I completed the training as a master butcher and have specialised in organic fresh meat.”

    • Organic specialities from the Greilhof

      His stand emits delicate aromas of bacon, cheese kransky, and headcheese. Unlike conventional headcheese, or brawn, it does not contain artificial aspic. “It took me two years to get the consistency to the point where I could sell it at the market.” He learned this old craft from a butcher in Lungau, whom he still consults today. “I place great importance on hand processing, and the animals are butchered in a stress-free manner, which you can taste in the meat.”

    • Organic beef goulash, organic veal lights, and sweets

      “My brother Simon and I work hand in hand at the butchery at the Greilhof. On Tuesdays we make sausage: beef and venison sausages or cheese kransky with hand-sliced cheese. Simon and his partner, Claudia, are also professional chefs, which is very helpful when it comes to adding the finishing touch to the meat.” The farm’s own canteen is filled with the aroma of not only beef goulash and veal lights, but also of a regional sweet dish, the Lungau “Rahmkoch”, made with butter, cinnamon, and rum.

    Summer in the Lungau region / Salzburger Lungau

    SalzbugerLand's Lungau

    • Location:
      approx. 100 km southeast of the city of Salzburg
    • Geographical Feature:
      1.000 km² large high plateau between the Hohe Tauern, the Niedere Tauern and the Gurktaler Alps
    • Highest mountain:
      the Große Hafner, 3,076 metres / 10,091 ft
    • Since 2012:
      A UNESCO "Biosphere Park"

    Being an organic farmer is a calling

    “Our parents, Gottfried and Adelheid Wind, demonstrated to us what pleasure they got out of raising cows and pigs.” Instead of driving the animals up to the Alpine pasture, they leased a seven-hectare field right by the barn so the livestock have enough space to move. Thirty years ago, the Greilhof was the first farm in the Lungau region to begin with direct marketing, and twenty years ago the first to switch over to organic operations.

    Farmers often have a hard time finding a wife, “because you have to love farm life”, laughs Philip, “which is why I’m happy every day that I met my wife in SalzburgerLand while rock climbing.” Philip’s wife, Corinna, was so taken with the young organic farmer that she promptly left her job in a chemical lab and took up agriculture.

    And today, the couple not only shares this passion; they are also the parents of two children, Daniel and Miriam. Being an organic farmer is not a job but a calling. “It is simply easier to reconcile job and family if you work together,” says Philip Wind with conviction. And living in Austria’s sunniest region, Lungau, perhaps also helps one face the day-to-day challenges with a smile.


    Lungau is Austria’s newest biosphere park. Its carefully tended cultivated landscape, with meadows, grazing pastures, streams, and woods on the valley floor surrounding the towns of Mariapfarr, St. Andrä, and Mauterndorf, has been recognised by UNESCO.

    Typical for the region are also such valleys as the Weißpriach, Göriach, and Lessach Valleys, which lead up into the mountains. The towns and villages are largely unspoilt and old traditions are maintained. Not only the agriculture sector but also the tourism industry strives to attain a sustainable development in this valuable habitat.

    Typically Lungau

    •                     Pritzhütte mountain hut on the Katschberg

      Hiking to Alpine pastures

      All hiking paths in Lungau lead to one of the 70 Alpine huts serving homemade delicacies
      Welcome to summer in the Alpine pastures
    •                     Genussregion Lungau

      A heart for mountain-bikers

      To enable mountain-bikers to respectfully explore these natural spaces as well, the Lungau region offers a total of 480 km / 300 mi of dedicated MTB trails.
      Discover mountain-bike tours
    •                     Lungau "Rahmkoch" (also called Lungau marzipan) / Salzburger Lungau

      Lungau “Rahmkoch”

      Every dairy farmer in Lungau has a favourite recipe for this sweet speciality. 
      Recipe: Lungau “Rahmkoch”

    Visit Philip Wind in Lungau


    Mörtelsdorf 39

    5580 Tamsweg


    Unterkunft im Lungau buchen

    Culinary ambassador from Burgenland


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